Clay Matthews - next WWE Superstar?

Clay Matthews - next WWE Superstar?

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Clay Matthews is sitting on top of the world. First, Matthews had an incredible forced fumble which changed the landscape of Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, helping lead the Packers to their fourth Super Bowl. But could the Pro-Bowler find himself kicking off his cleats and lacing up a pair of boots inside the squared circle? The third-generation NFL player tells he won't rule anything out.

"I've been a fan since I was a kid. Watching these guys growing up and then meeting some of them -- it was like a childhood dream," Matthews said. "I was a big D-Generation X fan with Triple H and HBK."

The stop at SmackDown was the culmination of whirlwind week starting off with the Super Bowl win, and then a huge celebration at Lambeau Field in front of the Packer faithful. And one picture -- of Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers wearing a World Heavyweight Championship Matthews had draped over his quarterback's shoulder -- had become a global sensation.

"The league [NFL] office really didn't like it. But we didn't care, because we were having fun. It was fitting because we were world champions. That was his celebratory dance to let everyone know he had the title," Matthews explained of Rodgers' on-field celebration during the playoffs. "It's only right, bringing it out and letting everyone know who the real champs are. The Packer fans and the WWE Universe enjoyed it!"

On Friday Night SmackDown, Matthews continued to show his allegiance to the WWE Universe, making the save as a second Special Guest Referee in a match pitting Dolph Ziggler against World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

As a self-named Special Guest Referee Vickie Guerrero went to spear Edge, she injured her ankle. That's when Matthews saw an opportunity.

"She [Guerrero] wasn't playing fair at all. I needed to even the score a little bit and take this one home for Edge! Glad I could help out."

And although Matthews wouldn't divulge who gave him the authority to be a WWE Official, the WWE Universe is left to wonder if Edge is still the World Heavyweight Champion and if Matthews' power as a WWE Official ultimately supersedes that of an angry "acting" SmackDown General Manager in Vickie Guerrero.

But for now, Matthews is living out his dreams, from Lambeau Field to inside the Resch Center with the WWE Universe. Could the Superstar bug have bitten him?

"I've got the long hair and some muscles," Matthews told "All I need is the right training and I've got this thing wrapped up."

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