Cena promotes Make-A-Wish on 'Conan'

Cena promotes Make-A-Wish on 'Conan'

John Cena stayed up for some laughs last night on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on NBC. It was the WWE Champion's second time on the talk show. Aside from the usual laughs with O'Brien, The Champ was there to promote his involvement with Make-A-Wish's Destination Joy campaign.

"I really love the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you don't know, Make-A-Wish is a charity that grants children with life-threatening illnesses one wish. Whether maybe it's simply to go to the beach, go to the Super Bowl, come see WWE -- we grant a lot of wishes," Cena said.

"We've hooked on with them on a project called Destination Joy," he continued. "Their slogan is ‘everyone has the power to grant a wish.' It allows everyone, including myself, to raise money to fund Make-A-Wish so these children can actually experience their wish."

The Champ went on to explain WWE's specific involvement in the Destination Joy campaign through its online auction for a WrestleMania 24 package.

"WWE is supplying four ringside tickets to WrestleMania 24, our biggest event of the year. It's in Orlando, Florida, with more than 60,000 people. You're going to fly in the WWE corporate jet. It's complete, first-class accommodations," Cena explained.

"They'll put you in a hotel for the whole week. You'll get to hang out with me. If you can hang with that, I don't know…" he laughed. "And you and three of your buddies get a ringside seat to WrestleMania 24."

(Bidding has begun. For more information, visit visit the Make-A-Wish Destination Joy campaign Web site.)

Aside from talking about WWE's involvement with Make-A-Wish, O'Brien wanted to talk sports-entertainment. He was fascinated by a clip of Cena delivering an FU to The Great Khali.

"Your arms don't even look like human arms to me. You look like you have canned hams in there!" Conan said.

Cena talked a bit about his workout regiment and the intensity he brings into the WWE ring every week.

"I'm meaner than a dog (bleeping) tacks," Cena said, explaining his philosophy is not just a trick, but also a saying that was passed on to him and he keeps it in mind when he gets in the WWE ring.

"You mean you really eat tacks before you go out there?" O'Brien asked.

"Yeah, eat tacks, take some Metamucil, then it's all good," Cena replied to a laughing audience.

O'Brien was also curious about WWE's famed Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Cena explained how the match works.

"Why stop there? Do they ever throw in an ottoman? A turn-of-the-century diving helmet?" O'Brien joked.

He asked Cena if the Late Night set furniture might work in a TLC Match. Cena was quick to demonstrate that the soft cushions don't exactly deliver a hard blow by bouncing one off O'Brien's head.

"Because of my hair I didn't feel that. It's polyurethane," O'Brien said.

Cena will make another television talk show stop next week, when he is a special guest host on FSN's Best Damn Sports Show Period. More laughs are surely in order, as John Salley is a host of the show, and this week, Cena outperformed Salley on ABC's Fast Cars and Superstars: The Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race, knocking Salley out of the competition. Tune in at 11 p.m. ET Tuesday and Wednesday to check it out, and stay tuned to WWE.com for more on Cena's talk show appearances.

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