The Champ to make a Homecoming in Massachusetts

The Champ to make a Homecoming in Massachusetts

The Champ is standing tall behind a worthy cause. John Cena will take part in Homecoming, presented by Chaotic Wrestling and Fabulous Productions, tonight in Byfield, Mass. The WWE Champion will be a special guest referee at the wrestling event benefiting the Newbury Police Association and several other charities.

"Homecoming is at Triton Regional High School in Byfield, Massachusetts. The show is a benefit exposition for local charities, the Newbury Police Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving Massachusetts and the Trista Zinck Scholarship Fund," The Champ told

Cena, who grew up in West Newbury, Mass., has a personal tie to the event -- his brother, Dan, is a Newbury policeman who was recently injured by a drunk driver.

"My involvement is very much family-based. My brother has been a Newbury cop for eight years. A few months ago, he was hit head-on by a drunk driver. It happened just around midnight, totally wrecked the car," Cena said.

"A lot of people say he's lucky to have made it out alive. He messed up his leg pretty bad. Accidents happen every day like that. When something like that happens to somebody close to you, it really hits home," he continued. "I want to do what I can to spread awareness that drunk driving is a problem, and whatever we can do to help we're going to try to do to help."

Dan plans to attend Homecoming, as well as Cena's father, "Johnny Fabulous." Cena will be the special guest referee for the main event between Chaotic Wrestling Champion Brian Milonas and Rick Fuller, with Cena Sr. in Fuller's corner. Additionally, Raw Superstar Eugene will have a match against Chaotic's Handsome Johnny.

Homecoming will feature seven matches and a raffle of signed John Cena merchandise to benefit local charities. Other Chaotic Wrestling stars participating in the event include Nikki Roxx, The Logan Brothers, Chaotic Wrestling New England Champion Brian Fury and "Hurricane" John Walters.

"This is my first time being involved in a wrestling/charity event. Something's that really cool -- another reason I'm really looking forward to doing it -- is my dad, the ever-popular John Fabulous, is fully involved," Cena explained. "So, for the first time in the history of sports-entertainment, there will be two John Cenas in the same ring."

Cena hopes our fans will stand behind the Homecoming cause, because it's one that means the world to him.

"I'm really close to my brother, and he's a heck of a cop. Right now, he's on the ‘disabled list' and Newbury PD's hurting. Not only are we doing it to raise awareness about drunk driving, but we're also trying to increase revenue for the local police department," Cena said.

"When something like that happens -- what happened to my brother -- everyone around is really helpless," Cena said. "So I feel like I can't do anything but this. If this is all I can do, then we're going to do it as good as we can."

Homecoming, presented by Chaotic Wrestling and Fabulous Productions, is Friday, May 25, at Triton High Regional High School, 112 Elm Street, Byfield, Massachusetts. Doors open at 7 p.m., and the event begins at 8. Tickets cost $20. For more information, visit com or e-mail For tickets, visit or call (877) 725-8849. Visit for information on a special 4 p.m. autograph session for 500 pre-sold ticket buyers.

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