A big red monstrous flashback for MVP

A big red monstrous flashback for MVP

SAN ANTONIO -- MVP couldn't help but start -- ahem -- ballin' after getting slam-dunked by Kane on SmackDown this Friday night.

"Man, I thought I was rid of that Big Red Monster," the United States Champion said, holding his lower back. "No matter what I do -- no matter who's in charge, whether it's that hater Teddy Long or now Vickie Guerrero -- somebody is throwing Kane in my way. I'm telling you, it's a conspiracy, man."

Unfortunately for MVP, he may have to see more of Kane, especially since the Big Red Machine pinned his shoulders 1-2-3 in a non-title match on SmackDown. The U.S. Champion solidified his hold on the gold when he defeated the legendary "Nature Boy" Ric Flair at Vengeance: Night of Champions but will he be forced to face the man he fears most, Kane, with the championship on the line?

Time will tell on that question. But MVP must have been having flashbacks of all his wars with Kane last year, especially the Inferno Match where he was scorched by the monster, when the former WWE Champion stood across the ring from him on SmackDown. Gone was Montel Vontavious Porter's swagger; his sunglasses were off and small beads of sweat trickled from his corn-rolled hairline. He did not want battle the man who put him out of action late last year and early this year.

MVP admitted he still has nightmares about getting burned by Kane. He said he can still hear Kane cackling while his flesh burned and bubbled at Armageddon last December.

"I'll never forget that," he said. "As long as I live, I'll never forget hearing that big red freak laughing while I was choking on those fire extinguisher fumes. He tried to end my career -- what do I have to do to stop getting matches with his guy?"

Though MVP hates battling Kane, he has a very successful track record against Undertaker's younger brother. He survived Street Fight Matches, Cage Matches and other wars across the globe, showing the world that he was more than bling and had plenty of sting.

Still, MVP may be facing a more determined, focused Kane who feels like he has something to prove. Though he has been WWE's resident monster for a decade, at One Night Stand, Kane was forced to pass out at the hands of a Mark Henry bear hug.

Kane wasn't seen for weeks until he showed up at SmackDown this Friday. SmackDown locker room sources close to Kane say he's more focused than ever and determined to reassert his dominance in WWE. One source said he saw the one-time WWE Champion and former multiple-time World Tag Team Champion after SmackDown outside the AT&T Center in San Antonio, burning pictures of MVP holding the U.S. Championship. He was apparently laughing as the pictures crumbled into ashes.

A focused, yet utterly sadistic Kane? MVP's U.S. Championship may be in real danger. When informed about Kane's activities, MVP's eyes bulged behind his shades. He only backed up and clutched his U.S. Championship, massaging the nameplate that bore his initials.

"You can try to freak me out all you want. You can try to diss me all you want," MVP said. "But if I have to face that big red freak again, fine. He's just going to be the latest one left ballin'."

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