Y2J predicts success

This Monday on RAW, Chris Jericho and Fozzy will go up against John Cena and crew in a Battle of the Bands. The Champ's fans let Y2J know whom they expect to win by chanting "Fozzy sucks!" at a recent Cena concert. Shortly after, WWE.com caught up with Jericho via cell phone to find out what he thinks about being mocked and how he thinks the Battle of the Bands will go on RAW:


WWE.com: What are your expectations for the Battle of Bands this Monday on RAW?
Y2J: To completely destroy John Cena as a live performer. John's a great performer, but you can't compare a rock concert to a rap concert. There's no comparison.

WWE.com: At John Cena's debut concert, the fans were chanting "Fozzy sucks!" What do you think about that?
Y2J: Well, that's just the way it's going to be because he's the good guy and I'm the bad guy, but that's fine. That might be the case at Cena's rap concert, but when we played in front of 50,000 people in England, they were going bananas and chanting "Fozzy," so it just depends on where you're at, I guess.

WWE.com: How would you compare your musical career to Cena's at this juncture?
Y2J: I'm not going to cut down (the venues he's playing) because we've played those places, too. He had his first live concert the other night, and that's very exciting for him, and we're getting ready to play our 100th live concert in Australia in September. So, he's starting out, and we're kind of in the trenches.

With all do respect to him and his musical career — ours is maybe a little further ahead. His record has sold more than ours has, but I think ours has a little bit more of a worldwide significance to it. We've toured in England and Germany and we're getting ready to hit Australia. We've been all over Canada, all over the States. We're looking like we're going to hit Japan as well, Ireland, Scotland. So we do what we say, and we say what we do. This is a real thing for Fozzy; it's a real thing for me. We're hitting the streets and taking the music out there and people are responding to it.

For us, Fozzy is more than just a wrestling band. As a matter of fact, we're probably not a wrestling band. The only thing that has to do with wrestling is that I happen to do that, but to me, it doesn't matter if you're a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker. It's either good music or it's not. People all over the world — some of them are WWE fans while many of them are not — they dig the band, and that's kind of the foundation we've built over that last six years.

WWE.com: What will happen in your match against Cena at SummerSlam on Aug. 21?
Y2J: I will become the new WWE Champion. That's my one and only expectation. John's the champ and he's doing a great job as the champ, but he just came over from SmackDown! facing really inferior competition compared to me. "Wait 'till they get a load of me," as The Joker would say.

WWE.com: What is it that makes you superior competition?
Y2J: Fifteen years of main-event experience. Being a three-time world champion and holding every belt in between. Being a Superstar everywhere and having that continue to build and build and build. Like I said, I'm not taking anything away from John Cena or what he's accomplished or what he's doing. He's a great performer and a great entertainer, but he's not up to snuff ability-wise against me. Everything he's done, I've done it first and I've done it better.

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