WWE Magazine unleashes the Animal

For nine months, he owned the World Championship. But then, due to an untimely triceps injury, SmackDown’s Batista was forced to relinquish his Championship. Batista’s return to SmackDown on July 7 has been one of the most anticipated in WWE history—from fans and Superstars alike. Since early January, the Animal has been out of action, and judging from how he looks on the cover of the premiere issue of WWE Magazine, he’s attacked his rehab regiment like he did when he was squashing punks in the ring. In a candid interview with WWE Magazine, Batista opens up about the Championship he vacated, his perceived arrogance by other Superstars, his well publicized quarrel with Booker T, and, perhaps most shockingly, his lack of game in the dating scene.

“You don’t get any bigger than Batista,” said Deputy Editor of WWE Magazine, Rob Bernstein. “The Animal’s huge. His story is unique. Here’s a guy that was on top of the world and voluntarily gave away his Championship. He’s gone through months of intense rehab, and he’s coming back and wants his Championship back. That’s just an awesome human interest story. He’s poised to do big things.”

Batista never thought of it that way—in fact, being chosen for the cover came as a huge surprise.

“I didn’t see it coming. It’s nice to know they didn’t forget about me,” said Batista. “When you’re sitting on the sidelines for so long, you’re always worried that people will forget about you. This only helps my confidence in gearing up for my comeback.”

And being chosen for WWE Magazine’s premier cover was just what he needed to get his competitive juices flowing again.

“My adrenaline was really pumping,” said Batista of his photo shoot. “I miss the fans. I miss the adrenaline rush. I’m so ready to come back; it’s killing me to sit on the sidelines. This photo shoot is just one step towards my big comeback, which is going to be impressive. I just love wrestling, I love the crowd, I love the fans and I love the adrenaline. It’s just what I do, it’s what I am, it’s who I am – it’s everything to me.”

Getting the low down from Batista about his return is huge news by itself, but there’s plenty more to supplement WWE fans’ appetites for reading material. Edge answers fans’ questions regarding MILFs, and what’s stopping him from making the transition from the Rated R Superstar to the  NC-17 Superstar; Bobby Lashley reveals a workout routine to build bigger arms, so when you hit the beach this summer those pipe cleaners can morph into some serious artillery; Mick Foley chimes in about his three memorable matches (that he didn’t compete in); Sgt. Slaughter declassifies stories from his WWE tour of duty; King Booker talks about why it’s okay to cry; Ric Flair reveals what it’s like to have a dedicated stalker; and Big Show lists 10 daily tasks that someone the size of a of grizzly bear has difficult doing.

No need to fret. The Divas were given plenty of pages (and pictures) to give their counsel on relationships, and more importantly, sex. Mickie James gives insight on whether or not she’s sneaking a peak at the other Divas in the locker room, her kiss with Trish Stratus and the sexiest thing she has in her locker. Also, see what movies Mr. Fuji is buying tickets to, and why Rob Schneider’s "The Benchwarmers" must have translated differently in Japanese. 

The premiere issue of WWE Magazine sets the bar high for future issues. It’s not just about the action inside the ring anymore (although that’s included), instead there’s a focus on the WWE lifestyle—of the Superstars and the fans. Pick up a copy of the first issue of the new WWE Magazine today, available on newsstands everywhere.

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