WWE crashes the extreme premiere

This week marked the world premiere of ECW on Sci Fi Channel, but a few WWE Superstars decided to crash their party. And with three ECW wrestlers meeting RAW Superstars at Vengeance, it was another chance to scout the competition.

At the beginning of the show, Paul Heyman and Rob Van Dam came to the ring. After RVD talked about One Night Stand and becoming WWE Champion, Heyman presented him with the new ECW World Championship. This brought out the No. 1 Contender to the WWE Championship and the man Van Dam will face at Vengeance, Edge.

In the ring, Edge personally thanked Paul Heyman for inviting him and then addressed the new champion. “Rob, I just want to say that no matter what I think of ECW personally, I respect you,” the Rated-R Superstar told the champion. “We have more in common than you think…and it will be an honor to face you and tear the house down at Vengeance.”

The two then shook hands, but as RVD turned, the Rated-R Superstar leveled him with a spear. Edge and Lita then tried to leave through the crowd, but former WWE Champion John Cena was waiting for them. Cena battered Edge back to the ringside area, and even Van Dam got involved. However, RVD and Cena argued over who would get to attack Edge, allowing him to push RVD into Cena and nail the champion with a low blow. Edge and Lita then finally did escape through the crowd, leaving Cena to take out his frustration by nailing Paul Heyman before leaving.

After the carnage was over, Heyman gathered the ECW troops backstage and announced that he would be going to RAW on Monday night. “If they want to bring Monday Night RAW to ECW, fine; we’ll bring ECW to Monday Night RAW!” he said. “This Monday, we’re showing up and I won’t be alone…I’m bringing ECW with me!”

Later in the night, Heyman announced an Extreme Battle Royal, with the winner accompanying him to RAW on Monday and also getting to face Cena at Vengeance. In the Battle Royal, Big Show dominated and eliminated almost everyone. After dumping F.B.I. member Big Guido, however, the eliminated F.B.I. member hung onto Show’s hand. Sabu came from behind and nailed Show with a chair, eliminating him to win the Battle Royal. Sabu will now face Cena at Vengeance, adding a third RAW vs. ECW match to the show (joining Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle and Edge vs. RVD).

Speaking of Angle, the Wrestling Machine took on Justin Credible on the premiere of ECW. After destroying the former ECW champion and choking him out, Angle had some words for Randy Orton.

“WWE rules, ECW rules, no rules…it doesn’t matter,” the Wrestling Machine said. “I’m going to do the same thing to you at Vengeance that I did at ECW One Night Stand; I’m going to make your ass tap out, because you’re looking at the new face of ECW!”

With less than two weeks to Vengeance, the rivalry pitting Edge, Cena and RAW against RVD, Sabu, Angle and ECW is heating up. But what will Paul Heyman and his ECW contingent have in mind when they show up at RAW Monday night in Rochester, N.Y.?

Check out ECW.com for full results from the premiere of ECW on Sci Fi Channel.

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