Was Kerwin White right?

This past Monday night, Chavo, one of RAW's newest Superstars, appeared on television looking a bit different.

The one-time proud member of the famous Guerrero wrestling family had dyed his short black hair blonde. Additionally, his nicely pressed button-down shirt was tucked into his khaki pants. Chavo also had his new green sweater draped over his shoulders. In all his years in wrestling, nobody had ever seen Guerrero looking like this.

The change in his look wasn't the only new thing about Chavo. The former Cruiserweight Champion went on to explain that he was denouncing his Hispanic heritage. Further driving his point home, he had his name legally changed to Kerwin White (WATCH).

According to White, his Hispanic heritage was holding him back from reaching his full potential. The man once known as Chavo then went on to announce that he was joining middle-class America. The change in look and name, according to White, was designed to help White reach his full potential.

Just one day after the newly-named Kerwin White denounced his Hispanic heritage, traffic to his Superstar section on WWE.com saw an amazing spike in numbers. On Tuesday, July 5, Kerwin White's Superstar section saw three times more traffic than Chavo's Superstar section saw for the entire month of June.

Was White right? Will denouncing his Hispanic heritage help him reach his full potential? You'll have to stay tuned to RAW for that answer. One thing's for sure, however, Kerwin White is already one of the most popular Superstars on WWE.com.

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