Wang's no yellow-belly

Wang's no yellow-belly
For the doubters who thought Jimmy Wang Yang was a simpleton; a goofy Asian redneck, lackluster sports-entertainer that should hang up his ring boots for a holster and cowboy boots -- y'all should listen up.

"I know some people think it's a surprise to see me improve and perform like I have lately," admitted Yang. "People thought I was a big joke that couldn't succeed. They were wrong."

Although Yang has been able to ride (and not horseback) relatively low on the SmackDown radar, according to him, it's only a matter of time before he trots off into the sunset with the gold strapped around his waist.

"The rise of Jimmy Wang Yang began the day I debuted in WWE," he said assuredly. "I've always believed with the WWE fans behind me, I could become the Cruiserweight Champion."

His dreams of donning WWE gold nearly came true. Less than two weeks ago at No Way Out, Yang was nanoseconds from being awarded the Cruiserweight Championship. After defeating then-champion Gregory Helms — the longest reigning cruiserweight Champion in WWE history — and then slugging it out and pinning another Superstar that's no stranger to the cruiserweight prize, Jaime Noble, Yang thought his time to shine had finally arrived.

But then a rain cloud in the form of Chavo Guerrero blew over the horizon. Guerrero defeated Yang, shooting down his first taste of WWE gold.

"My performance at No Way Out was the most important of my career — hands down," said Yang. "For the past nine years of my life that's what I've been working for… to become a champion and I came up a little bit short."

But Yang's not complaining. In fact, he says the experience will serve as a learning platform to elevate his game even higher.

"I came so close to the championship, and that makes me hungrier than ever."

Friday nights on The CW Network at 8/7 CT is when Yang feeds his hunger, and where he uses his opportunities to learn and progress. It's that learning curve that he's working so diligently to abolish that separates him from other emerging Superstars. While he may still be fairly green in WWE, one thing is certain: Jimmy Wang Yang certainly isn't yellow.

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