Val Venis' online show debuts

Val Venis' online show debuts

Raw Superstar Val Venis is making sure his voice will be heard. His Freetarian Show makes its online debut today at 6 p.m. E/T on his Web site,

"The Freetarian show is all based on libertarianism. My stuff, the Freetarian Show and the Freetarian Blog, aim to educate people about what liberty is really all about and how valuable freedom really is. I try to get people to grasp freedom and keep America free," Venis explained to

Every Wednesday at 6 p.m. E/T, Venis will raise issues he wants to discuss and debate with friends -- or foes -- of

"People can call in, they can debate with me, they can agree with me and we can discuss the issues or debate the issues," Venis said.

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