The smooch heard 'round the world

On June 3, Trish Stratus hosted the 2006 Canada’s Walk of Fame induction ceremony in Toronto. In what was by far the hottest moment of the ceremony, the WWE Diva engaged in a lip lock with another blonde Canadian bombshell, Pamela Anderson. It was a moment that I’m sure many men have saved on their TiVo, but according to Trish it was quite spontaneous.

“Honestly, I completely ad-libbed it out there,” the six-time Women’s Champion admitted. “When I was asked to host, Pam was also hosting the Juno Awards and they billed it as a ‘network battle of the blondes.’ So I knew I wanted to do something with her, maybe a sketch or something, but she had scheduling conflicts with other events.”

The “something” Trish ended up doing with Anderson turned out to be one of the hottest moments of the year. “Right before I went out there, I told my make-up artist what I was going to do and she said I should tell the writers,” Stratus said. “But I said no, I’m not going to do that, I think I’ll just seize the moment. If there’s a Pamela Anderson moment out there, I’ll take it!”

As anyone else probably would be, Trish was a little flustered as it happened. “I was ready to brush it off in my Trish Stratus way, but once she stood up I was like damn,” Stratus said.  “You know how on Baywatch they run in slow motion? It was like that, but her lips were in slow motion. Afterwards, I was kind of befuddled, I didn’t really know what to say and kind of fumbled a bit,” she added with a laugh.

In the end, Trish was glad that she could provide the steamy moment. “I guess the combination of two hot blonde Canadians works,” she beamed, “so to all my male fans I say you’re welcome!”

While the kiss may have been the steamiest moment of the night, it wasn’t the only entertainment Trish provided. As host, she got to perform quite the song and dance routine, which she says was inspired by her love of the music from the movie Chicago.

“The singing I can do is kind of a jazzy, blues-based sound like the movie; when I travel between shows, the soundtrack from Chicago is what I listen to the most,” Trish revealed. “So we went with that style and based the number on “Minnie the Moocher” from the The Blues Brothers.”

Once Trish got involved, she actually got a Chicago connection. “I wanted to make the best of the opportunity, so I asked if I could get a vocal coach,” Trish said, “and they were more than happy to do so. When I walked into her studio, there was a big Chicago poster, and I found out that she had worked with Renee Zellweger when they filmed the movie in Toronto…it was almost a sign that it was meant to be!”

Instead of Chicago, Trish’s number almost had a little Motown soul to it. “We were tossing around ideas, and someone had the idea to do sort of a Canadian version of ‘Living in America’,” she recalled. “They were like we can change Detroit to Kitchener and make references to hockey pucks, it’ll be great! Everyone got excited and started writing new lyrics, but I had to say wait a minute, I never said I can sing like James Brown!”

With all the singing, dancing and smooching going on, the true honor for Trish was just hosting the ceremony. “When they asked, I told them of course; I was really excited,” Trish said. “As a Canadian entertainer myself, it was neat because the Canadian Walk of Fame brings recognition and increases awareness of the talent we have in Canada.”

The Walk of Fame, which is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, is located in Trish’s hometown of Toronto. So does the “quintessential WWE Diva” see herself there someday?

“That would certainly be an honor,” Trish said, “but I believe a person has to have 10 years in their field to be inducted onto the Walk of Fame so that’s a few more years of bumps and bruises.” That’s no problem for her though, as she added that “to be the first female wrestler inducted it would be definitely be worth it!”

Trish has already proven that she can kick butt in the ring, and hosting the Walk of Fame has let her show off some of her musical talent as well. The way she’s going, it may only be a matter of time before a star bearing Trish’s name takes its place on King Street in Toronto.

WATCH video of Trish hosting the 2006 Canadian Walk of Fame ceremony

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