WWE's Three Amigos

During WWE's invasion of Tijuana on Friday night, D-Generation X not only shared their two signature words with the capacity crowd, but also revealed their unexpected third amigo, Rey Mysterio.

On a very rare occasion, WWE fans in Tijuana met sports-entertainment's version of the Three Amigos, as RAW's Triple H and Shawn Michaels and SmackDown's Mysterio stood mid-ring in matching sombreros and thrust their hips to the enjoyment of the Mexico crowd.

Just minutes after HBK, The Game and Mysterio collided with the team of Edge, Randy Orton and Chavo Guerrero, the unlikely trio stood tall and gave the capacity crowd one of the most memorable sights in WWE history.

WWE.com spoke with DX about their surprise encounter with Mysterio and the birth of WWE's Three Amigos.

"It actually wasn't DX and Rey Mysterio in Tijuana," joked HBK light-heartedly, "it was a special appearance by the three amigos: Dusty Bottoms, Lucky Day and Ned Nederlander -- which the WWE fans seemed to enjoy quite a bit."

Inspired by the 1980s film starring Chevy Chase and Steve Martin, according Michaels' fellow degenerate, Triple H, the humorous combination was an occurrence of chance…sort of.

"Shawn and I always liked the 'Three Amigos' movie," The Game explained. "We decided that we would have Rey get us sombreros and wear sombreros to the ring. [On Friday night], Shawn and I went out there and called ourselves the Three Amigos. Then, after careful mathematical consideration, we realized there were only two of us and we needed a third member…so we brought out Rey Mysterio."

According to Triple H, the surprise pairing of DX and former World Champion Mysterio turned out to be quite a success in the ring and also in comic relief.

"The Three Amigos had a little salute thing that they did where they put their hands on their chest, then their hips and then they turned their heads and did a hip thrust," described The Game. "We even did that. It was just a little tribute to a movie we think is funny and the Tijuana crowd. But, you never know…whenever there's a cry of tyranny or a call of injustice, you never know when you'll see the Three Amigos ride again."

Similar to Triple H, HBK was unsure whether or not WWE fans had seen the last of the three improbable allies.

"It would be a wonderful thing for the Three Amigos to reunite," admitted HBK. "I think even the folks in the States would enjoy that. But, obviously Rey is on SmackDown so it would have to be a very, very special moment. It might only be something that would work in the country of Mexico. But, who's to say? Anything is possible in the WWE."


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