'The Marine' on DVD

'The Marine' on DVD

WWE fans can now bring home all the action and adventure from John Cena's big screen hit, The Marine. The WWE Champion's explosive flick is now available on DVD. Fans are in for a special treat -- not only is the theater version of The Marine available, but there's an unrated version of the movie, too.

"In the unrated version, the WWE fans get to see a true director's cut, which obviously makes for a more exciting movie," Cena told WWE.com.

In The Marine, John Cena plays John Triton, a discharged Marine whose wife is kidnapped by jewel thieves. He must save his wife from the evil killers, and quite a few larger-than-life explosions shake things up along the way.

"We shot a PG-13 movie, and there's a lot of toeing the line you need to do for that. The people who were in charge of that stuff we going as far as counting the amount of bullet holes riddled into the Camaro we fired off the bridge!" Cena said. "In the unrated version, you get to see a lot more of the action."

The Champ is pumped for his major motion picture debut to hit stores, and promises WWE fans won't be let down.

"There was a lot of hype for The Marine. I know the DVD release is going to be awesome," he said.

"There are some little extras and stuff on the DVD I don't want to give away, but you get to see me have a little fun," Cena smiled.

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