Thailand welcomes the Superstars of SmackDown

WWE Superstars once again punched their passports Thursday as demand for the most-powerful force in sports-entertainment continues to grow.

SmackDown's roster, including World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, Royal Rumble winner Rey Mysterio and "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit performed in front of thrilled fans at an arena in Bangkok, Thailand. It was the first time Thai fans had the opportunity to see SmackDown since 2003 — and the first-ever chance to see the Undertaker. The Phenom was a sight to behold since he wasn't a part of the previous show.

This SmackDown tour through Asia furthers WWE's recent ventures abroad. Before this trip, SmackDown's Superstars sold out venues in Mexico, where the fans deeply connected with returning sons Rey Mysterio, Super Crazy, Psicosis and celebrated the life of Eddie Guerrero. Earlier, fans in Italy enjoyed SmackDown events and witnessed their own Nunzio capture the Cruiserweight Championship.

The SmackDown tour through Asia continues in Yokohama, Japan, this Saturday and Sunday.

Click here for photos from Thailand.

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