Tatanka on Thanksgiving: Thanks for nothing

On Thursday, millions of Americans will celebrate the holiday tradition that is Thanksgiving. "Turkey Day," as many call it, brings people together, all in the spirit of giving thanks for the blessings provided by those that came before us. One WWE Superstar, SmackDown's Tatanka, will not be celebrating Thanksgiving this year. The Native American warrior told WWE.com that Thanksgiving is nothing more than a celebration of the white man.

"We have nothing to celebrate on this bogus holiday, Thanksgiving is a celebration for the white man" said Tatanka. "After all the help and the generosity that we gave to Columbus and his people, what did we get? We got stabbed in the back. They disrupted our lives, enslaved our people, tore apart families, and all in the name of greed."

Becoming increasingly irritated, Tatanka began to detail why he and his people choose not to participate in the autumn tradition.

"Most people, especially the WWE fans, don't know the real story of Thanksgiving," said the member of the Lakota tribe. "When the Europeans came to our land, we welcomed them with open arms. We taught them how to crop, how to hunt, and how to provide for themselves on this land. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a celebration of the friendship between the Native Americans and our foreign visitors, but that's not how it really went."

The prideful warrior has his own plans for Thanksgiving, plans that include thanking himself for a recent change of heart and attitude on Friday Night SmackDown.

"I am thankful and proud to be standing up for what's right," said Tatanka. "I am thankful for being awaken by the spirits above. I am now a vengeful warrior, and I will fight for the honor of all Native Americans that have been injusticed by the white man. I have been screwed by WWE refs, WWE officials, and the WWE fans. They are all part of a conspiracy to hinder the progress of the Native American, but that is all about to change."


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