Survivor Series Three For All


There have been many memorable debuts at Survivor Series, from the first matches of Kurt Angle, Undertaker and The Rock to the introduction of one of the most terrifying structures in sports-entertainment, the Elimination Chamber. After last year's Survivor Series featured a battle of the brands in a Classic Survivor Series Match between Team SmackDown and Team RAW, ECW will make their Survivor Series debut on November 26 in Philadelphia.

The details of ECW's involvement in Survivor Series are still unclear, but we do know for certain that it will be RAW vs. SmackDown vs. ECW when the second longest running pay-per-view in WWE history celebrates its 20th anniversary. Will we still see a Classic Survivor Series elimination tag match, or will the involvement of a third brand bring about a new type of match stipulation? What will the scene be like in the locker room when the RAW and SmackDown Superstars meet the Extremists of ECW? For some, like Rob Van Dam, it will be a reunion of sorts, but what about newcomers like CM Punk, or ECW originals like the ever-volatile Sandman?

Extremist, Superstar and fan alike remember Survivor Series 1997. Even nine years later, the main event of that show remains one of the most talked about incidents in WWE history. That incident is, of course, the infamous "Montreal Screwjob," in which Bret Hart was cheated out of the WWE Championship when Mr. McMahon forced the timekeeper to "Ring the f***ing bell!" Next year, Survivor Series will journey to the very arena where the incident took place in conjunction with the tenth anniversary.

This year the Extremists will be hoping to add to the long list of Survivor Series memories. No one is quite sure what to expect, but it will undoubtedly be a night that is not to be missed as all three brands strive to emerge as top dog.


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