Italy gets a taste of WWE

Italy gets a taste of WWE

WWE has landed and the European takeover has begun.

Raw Superstars Carlito and Torrie wasted no time in warming up to local culture -- and couture -- today, as the two visited the Panorama Mall, just north of Florence, Italy.

In between WWE fan autograph signings and smooches with one young fan, Torrie found time to embrace the trendy, hot Italian fashion. Later, while navigating the high end shopping district of downtown Florence, the Raw Diva created quite a buzz herself.

"I absolutely love shopping in Italy," Torrie explained. "Every time I come here, the thing I most look forward to is the great shopping, where all of the latest fashions start."

While catching the eyes of each and every passerby, there was one particular sight that caught Torrie's full attention. She stopped in her tracks by a window display for a Cavalli boutique, where the Diva passed up on a one-of-a-kind dress from her favorite designer that cost about $2,600 U.S. dollars.

"They have the best designer clothing," she added, "I always splurge when I'm in Italy."

Elsewhere in Italy, SmackDown Superstars MVP and Mr. Kennedy (with his Money in the Bank briefcase in tow) made a dream come true for a horde of WWE fans in Perugia. With Kennedy making his own personal introduction in the center of the crowd, the two SmackDown competitors played nice while meeting droves of overseas WWE fans.

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