Joey Styles pinch hits for The Coach

With The Coach still in Europe with the other RAW Superstars, Joey Styles will be doing play-by-play on HEAT this week while Todd Grisham slides over to do color commentary. Styles made the following comments when asked about his participation on HEAT.

"I am very excited about my first online broadcast. From the moment I discovered the world wide web, I felt that the Internet would be the most influential medium of our time, more so than the telephone or even television. In the not so distant future, we will all have the ability to watch full-screen, television quality streaming video online and I am chomping at the bit to participate in any and all projects with

"I will be much less restrained on's HEAT than I am on television's Monday Night RAW. fans will hear more of the old Joey Styles, the Extreme Announcer. With my luck, my sarcasm will get me banned from," joked Styles. "Grish (Todd Grisham) is one of the funniest people I have ever met, and doing color commentary rather than play-by-play should give Todd more opportunity to showcase his strange sense of humor. The fact that I am a perfect straight man in that I pitch softballs to my color men and enjoy self-deprecating humor should have The Grishman salivating like The King during a WWE Divas Bra and Panties Match."

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