Stunt-man Cena

WWE Champion John Cena proves how tough he is every week on RAW. In his feature film debut in The Marine, which is in theaters now, the Champ is equally as talented, tough and never gives up.

"The physicality in WWE is a lot different than The Marine. You have a match in WWE in any given RAW, it's 10, 20, 60 minutes," Cena said. "When you're filming a fight scene, it could go 12 hours or 16 hours. Many days from that movie set, I went home with my tail between my legs, but I would not give in to the stunt doubles. I did 98.9 percent of the stunts in the movie and I'm happy to say that."

Never one to shy away from action in the WWE ring, Cena is a natural fit in the role of John Triton.

"To do the action in the movie is great. To see it on the screen is fantastic. When you're filming it, you're surrounded by cameras and it doesn't necessarily look as big as it is. When it's on that screen, all the explosions, all the action, all the car chases, all the fights, all the bullets -- it's intense," Cena told

While The Marine stunts and explosions in The Marine are thrilling, Cena promised that the film tells a great story, too. After the movie premiere at the U.S. Marine Corps base in Camp Pendleton, Calif., Cena was exhilarated by the crowd's reaction to the movie.

"It's a hell of a ride. It's an action movie, but it gets you invested in each and every single character and there's some hidden comedy in there. It's amazing to be in the theater. This was the first time I've actually seen it on the big screen, so to watch it on the big screen with an audience, the finished product it's just a hell of a ride. You gotta go see it," Cena said.

It's not just Cena who kicks ass in the movie, either. TV and film star Kelly Carlson, who plays his wife, Kate Triton, shows off her skills in The Marine, too.

"Kelly Carlson is wonderful, whether it's her performance in the movie, whether it's walking down the red carpet, whether it's just hanging out -- she's a wonderful person. I think she did fantastic in the movie, and I think this movie will show that she can kick a little ass," Cena said. "Kelly is beautiful. Anybody who tells you otherwise is just plain stupid. She is an unbelievably beautiful human being."

Naturally, Cena recommends The Marine and urges WWE fans to see the movie this Friday when it hits theaters nationwide. If WWE fans like seeing him in the ring on Monday nights, they'll enjoy The Marine, too.

"Why would I recommend this film to other people? Because it's about time, somebody got back on the horse, and started kicking ass. He is somebody you could believe in. Because if you don't believe that what's on that screen is rough, tough and in-your-face, tune in to Monday nights for RAW, hell tune in to Friday nights -- I go to SmackDown every now and again, tune into Tuesday nights for ECW. Tune in to WWE for proof of the resume. This is a guy who is 240 pounds of white chocolate who kicks ass for living, and he's got the resume to back it up. That's why you want to go see The Marine."

Cena wanted to make one thing clear to the WWE fans -- while he loved being a big screen star and would do it again, he's not about to abandon the WWE ring for Hollywood. The chokeslam and the sledgehammer that show up in The Marine are just little extras for the WWE fans in thee audience.

"There are some inklings to the WWE genre hidden in The Marine, and I think that's just to let our WWE fans know we're not going to forget about them, most importantly to let our WWE fans know I'm not going to forget about them," Cena said.

"There's a lot of talk about transition from sports-entertainment to movies. I want to let our fanbase know personally, I love being in that ring. As much of an experience this was for me -- and I do cross my fingers that I have more -- I will never, ever leave that 20-by-20 box that I love so much. I just want them to know that if throwing a chokeslam in here, or maybe a Triple H sledgehammer there, that's just to let them know that WWE is there."


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