Stone Cold chats with AT&T subscribers

Stone Cold chats with AT&T subscribers

Monday night, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin participated in a live text chat with subscribers of Cingular, now part of the new AT&T. Below is the transcript of that conversation:

Welcome to WWE Chat with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold has now joined us, just reply to submit a question.

Question from Joell: How do I know that this is the real Stone Cold Austin? Give me a Hell Yeah!

Stone Cold answers: Hell Yeah. This is Stone Cold Steve Austin because I said so!

Question from Stacey: Why the change from wrestling to acting? Did you leave the way you wanted to?

Stone Cold answers: Absolutely. You can't wrestle forever. I'm in good health and I want to stay that way.

Question from Caleb: Which character do you relate to most, Jack Conrad or Stone Cold?

Stone Cold answers: I enjoy playing Stone Cold on Monday Night RAW. In reality, I am probably more like Jack Conrad in the movie.

Question from Sally: Did you get hurt doing your own stunts and would you make another movie?

Stone Cold answers: I did 100% of all my fights, I did none of the major stunts. We are looking at scripts for my next movie now.

Question from Mike: What was it like shooting the movie, was it like wrestling in any way?

Stone Cold answers: Yes it was. In one of the fight scenes, I got a black eye, from a character named Paco.

Question from Kyle: Was it hard to keep yourself from opening a can of whoop a** on any of the actors?

Stone Cold answers: Sure it was. When I got that black eye from Paco, it was all I could do not to hit him back…hard. I had to stay professional.

Question from Meggie: Who was your favorite co-star in The Condemned?

Stone Cold answers: Vinnie Jones and Rick Hoffmann were my favorite co-stars.

Question from Tremeka: Could you ever see yourself doing a romantic movie?

Stone Cold answers: Possibly, but not too soon.

Question from Keith: Hey Stone Cold, what is your favorite WWE moment or memory?

Stone Cold answers: WrestleMania 13. My match with Bret Hart & King of the Ring ‘96, the birth of "cause Stone Cold said so"!

Question from fatboy: Are you gonna get back in the ring again?

Stone Cold answers: Probably not. I am looking forward to doing more movies.

Question from Brad: Me and my buddy are in training to be wrestlers, what advice would you give us?

Stone Cold answers: Be persistent, learn technique & fundamentals first. Stay on the ground, too much high flying stuff = too many injuries.

Question from Julia: Who is your favorite wrestler who still wrestles? It took me 3:16 to write this.

Stone Cold answers: Ric Flair. He is my favorite professional wrestler period.

Question from Debbie: Out of all the crazy stuff you have done, what is your favorite?

Stone Cold answers: Driving the monster truck over The Rock's car.

Question from Ryan: What was harder, WWE or movies?

Stone Cold answers: WWE is harder. There is a lot of BS in Hollywood. But once you realize the playing field, it's not that bad.

Question from BigDaddy: Who was your role model?

Stone Cold answers: I really didn't have any role models. I've had my favorites, but I've never followed anyone's lead or style.

Question from Greg: What do you do with your spare time?

Stone Cold answers: I just bought a ranch in South Texas. I love hunting and fishing and riding my four wheeler.

Question from Marina: I saw you at the CMT Awards. Who were you the most excited to meet?

Stone Cold answers: I met Jeff Foxworthy, it was exciting. I met Rodney Carrington, but I didn't get to meet George Strait.

Question from BradG: Who is a better actor, you or The Rock?

Stone Cold answers: Austin... AND THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE!

Thanks for your time, Stone Cold. Any last words for your fans?

Stone Cold answers: Thank you for all of your support through the years. I look forward to entertaining you with a lot of cool movies.

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