The Babe of the Year is back in front of the camera

Ever since the Babe of the Year award was first introduced back in 2002, RAW Diva Stacy Keibler had been coming up just short behind Trish Stratus in her bids to capture the prestigious honor (awarded by the fans of World Wrestling Entertainment, via voting on It's usually three strikes and you're out, but Stacy defied the odds and finally won over the WWE fans as she bested the three-time reigning Babe of the Year in this year's competition, and she's doing everything she can to insure that she stays atop the competitive Babe of the Year mountain.

This year, the entire Babe of the Year section of was reconstructed. Instead of just one Babe of the Year shoot commemorating the award, Stacy demanded that she give back to the fans and give them a new photo shoot, or in some cases two new shoots, each month. The fans were responsible for making her Babe of the Year, and she wanted to show her appreciation.

So far this year Stacy has had several steamy shoots, including the sexy Valentine's Day, an April Showers shoot where she wore a transparent raincoat and the revealing Presidential Inauguration shoot that saw Stacy dust off her Miss Hancock business suit.

Just this week, Stacy was in front of the camera once again, shooting a couple more sets that will appear on in the future. caught up with the reigning Babe of the Year just hours after her latest shoot, and she said she's really excited for her fans to see the new photos.

"Today's shoot went great," she said. "I was picked up at 5:30 a.m., though, so it was a long day, but it went really well. We had a lot of fun today, and we shot some really cute stuff."

Although her fans won't be able to see the new photos for a little while, Stacy was more than happy to give the fans a little tease about her Spring Flowers and Fourth of July shoots.

"We did some stuff with me wearing Daisy Dukes and pig tails -- like a country girl kind of thing," she said excitedly. "We also did some Fourth of July stuff, too. It was a lot of Spring and Summer stuff with a lot of cute, bright colors to get ready for the different seasons."

While those photo galleries will surely prove to be some of the most popular places to visit on in the future, a recent poll revealed that the fans' favorite gallery thus far this year has been Stacy's Valentine's Day shoot.

"I really enjoyed that shoot," she said. "It was definitely one of my favorites. I picked that outfit out myself. When I saw it, I instantly knew I had to have it because it was so cute. So I'm really glad the fans liked that one too."

When asked what her favorite shoot has been, Stacy had a hard time picking just one. She did say, however, that the Spring and Fourth of July shoots rank right at the top.

"Today was a lot of fun," she said. "It was really fun and easy going. I really liked the Daisy Duke outfit. It had a red and white checkered top and it was just very Stacy."

Another popular shoot among her fans was the Presidential Inauguration shoot in which she posed in the same sexy business suit she wore during her WCW days as Miss Hancock.

"It's always fun to bring that suit out of the closet for sure," she said. "It's always fun to put that on because I feel like it's a whole different persona and just being in it for even 15 minutes, it brings back a lot of memories."

No matter what galleries keep popping up on, the fans flock to the photos to see what outfits and situations Stacy is in next. But who comes up with the innovative ideas each month?

"The editors of the magazines and the web and I talk through phone calls and e-mails," she said. "We send pictures of the outfits we find online and in stores. It's really a collective thing with everyone involved. I pick a few outfits, they pick a few outfits, and it all comes together."

Stacy also said that the fun she has on the photo shoots is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being Babe of the Year.

"It's been really great meeting all of my new fans," she said. "The pictures are always updated, so it gives me a different look all the time. All kinds of people that I meet talk to me about it, too. I just shot the cover for Stuff Magazine and they said they heard I was Babe of the Year and congratulated me. So others who don't even know a lot about wrestling know I'm Babe of the Year and are excited for me. It's been a real honor."

Stacy's been having so much fun that she said she hopes it doesn't stop and she can become a two-time Babe of the Year winner next year.

"I hope I can stay on top and my fans stick behind me," she said. This year we revamped the whole site, and I put a lof of time and effort into it. It takes a lot of work to get all the outfits and do all the shoots, so I hope they've enjoyed it and will vote for me next year so we can do it all over again."

With the recent influx of gorgeous Divas, though, even Stacy realizes that next year the competition could be tougher than ever.

"It could be a lot tougher next year with all of the pretty girls that have come in recently," she said.

Although the Divas will be her competition when it comes to Babe of the Year, Stacy was recently down in Mexico with the Divas shooting for the Divas Magazine and Viva Las Divas DVD that's available now on

"The Divas Magazine is always great and this year we have a lot more girls, so everyone should enjoy it," she said. "I love Mexico. It was probably my sixth or seventh time being down there. I love the culture and everything about it. It was a great being there with my friends, and we got some great pictures, too!"

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