Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way

The following announcement has been released regarding the WWE Championship match at Saturday Night’s Main Event on July 15:

If Kurt Angle defeats Rob Van Dam tonight on ECW on Sci Fi, then Angle will be added to the WWE Championship Match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. The match would then become a Fatal Four Way Match featuring Angle, Edge and John Cena challenging WWE Champion Rob Van Dam. and caught up with Angle just moments after the decision was announced, and the six-time World Champion had this to say:

“I think RVD deserves to be a World Champion. He’s been deserving of it for the last four years, he just never got his shot. He’s carried the ball and I respect him for that. I don’t hate RVD, but when he’s in that damn ring with me, I own him. If RVD can beat me, he can beat anybody in the world because I am by far the best wrestler in this company. I am the best wrestler in the world. I’m the best wrestler in a four-sided, six-sided or eight-sided ring. There’s nobody in the world who can beat me. Rob’s a great competitor and a great champion, but to me, he’s just another face.”

Will the WWE Championship match on July 15 in Dallas be a Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way? Tune into ECW on Sci Fi tonight to find out.

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