A Gold Medal Review

Just two days away from its nationwide release, SmackDown's Kurt Angle gave his thoughts on See No Evil in an exclusive conversation with WWE.com. The ever intense Angle was willing to sum up the movie in one word, "Shocking".  

Just a week and change after viewing the movie for the first time at the world premiere in Orange County last Monday, Angle was still beaming. "Honestly and sincerely, this may have been the best horror movie I've ever seen. It was just so different than your normal horror movies."

Angle continued, justifying the high praise. "It was like a new age horror film and Kane was the perfect new age villain. Everything was so creative, and so detailed. The violence and the story were cutting edge. It was just done so much better than your normal run-of-the-mill horror film."

Like many of his fellow WWE Superstars, Angle particularly enjoyed the final scene. "My favorite scene had to be the ending. The way it was done was just, wow. It wasn't what I expected, I'll just leave it at that. It was so well written and original."

The Olympic gold medalist had nothing but good words for his co-worker, and now big screen star Kane. "He was absolutely perfect for this part. I don't think there are more than one or two guys who could've pulled this off like he did. Most actors need a bunch of dialogue to get their character over, but Kane, he let's his actions do the talking."

For Kurt, the action even got so scary at times that he had to take cover behind a certain large WWE Superstar. "The gore factor was really high. A lot of the times you knew it was coming but it was so darn creative that you had to keep watching. It was one of those movies where you always have that grossed out look on your face. At one point I actually had to hide behind Big Vis."

The former six-time World Champion gave See No Evil and WWE Films a favorable forecast. "I don't think WWE Films could've started off their run any better than this. It's going to be hard to live up to this with the future films. I think this movie is going to do great in the box office, and both WWE and the fans are going to come out the winners. I think it will be so popular that they will have no choice but to make a sequel."

See No Evil is the first major motion picture from WWE Films and Lionsgate. The horror is now in theatres everywhere.

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