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Life on the road exposes WWE Superstars to more than just hundreds of miles of pot holes; their rigorous schedules allows them to gain access to many gems that may only be obtainable through the web or by sheer luck at a flea market. While some collector buffs amass numerous trinkets, gadgets, knickknacks and tchotckies in their quest to obtain as much “stuff” as they can hoard, what do the WWE Superstars collect? Do they collect magnets, snow globes, coins? What are the items they simply can’t live without?

When caught up with four WWE Superstars before a recent live event, their answers to the question regarding what they collect were surprising. Contrary to popular belief, the most common items weren’t stitches, bruises or black eyes.

SmackDown Superstars Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley confessed to buying as much cologne as they can stockpile; RAW Superstar Gene Snitsky and ECW Extremist Matt Striker are T-shirt buffs.

When it comes time to purchase his cologne, Rey Mysterio prefers to extend outside the continental United States.  

“Whether I’m in Australia, or Europe, or Japan or whatever, I try to pick something up,” said the former World Champion.  

Mysterio said not all stops on WWE’s tour breed colognes worth purchasing. In fact, he warns anyone that ponders spritzing some Paco Rabanne on before leaving the house to rethink their decision.

“It’s old school—very old school,” he said.

But exotic fragrances aren’t all Mysterio has a passion for (save the armpit scent of Paco Rabanne). He also has a fixation with designer eyewear. 

“I collect sunglasses; that’s another thing I’m addicted to,” he admitted. “Between my wife and I, I’d say we have a total of 80 [pairs] of shades.”

The styles he has vary from over the top, gangster John Gotti-style to sporty Oakleys like an MLB outfielder.

“I was a big fan of Oakley. And ever since I started seeing the Chanels, the Guccis, the Pradas, the Bvlgaris, the Cartiers, and Versaces, I just pushed the Oakleys aside.  Now, what do I do  with my old Oakley shades?" he asked.  “Overseas has been my main cologne shopping theme right now.  And I won’t just buy one [bottle].” 

Bobby Lashley shares Mysterio’s passion for the scents. The only difference is that  Lashley isn't concerned with where his next bottle comes from. 

“I just get them anywhere,” said the former United States Champion. “I got one, and then I bought another one and I lost it; I just kept buying them and it just picked up. Cerruti is a really good one, and there’s another one that’s a non-synthetic brand called Cree that’s really awesome,” he said. 

When it’s time to receive gifts, Lashley says his decision to collect cologne works to his advantage—citing that finding clothing to fit someone the size of a minivan isn’t an easy task.

“If you need to buy me a gift, just buy me a bottle of cologne. I’ve always told people, it’s something easy for me because [finding] clothes is hard,” he said.  

Smelling pleasant isn’t as important to your teacher, Matt Striker. He will gladly pass on the cologne for a new T-shirt.

If Matt Striker’s T-shirt collection is anywhere near the size of his ego, he’d possess enough clothes to outfit the crowd at WrestleMania III. As it turns out, he’s pushing his collection into the four digit category.

“[I have] a plethora; a cornucopia. I would say there’s got to be over a thousand T-shirts—most of them are in storage at my mother’s house in Queens, NY,” said the new ECW Extremist.

“One would think a man of my intellect would collect books, pencils, or perhaps neckties…but as a small child growing up in parts unknown, I had an affinity for T-shirts,” said Striker. “I started out with wrestling T-shirts: the Outback Jack, the Porkchop Cash, the Austin Idol, the Superstar Bill Dundee T-shirt. But, as I’ve gotten older, I have tried to find some of these T-shirts on this thing that you call “The Internet.”

The web has allowed collectors like Striker to access vintage shirts and clothing from around the world, but he still tries to pick up as many as possible during his travels.

“I go to many towns, cities, provinces, commonwealths and districts as well, and I like to procure T-shirts that are indigenous to the region,” he added. “Normally I like them to be sport related, but now with mass marketing, you know, it floods the market, so that’s not that special to me anymore.”

RAW Superstar Gene Snitsky is another avid T-shirt collector. He began gathering shirts in high school, but says that nowadays he doesn't spend any money on his hobby.

“I like to collect Gold’s Gym T-shirts, Hard Rock T-shirts, Planet Hollywood T-shirts and any T-shirt of a restaurant or a gym. I don’t pay for them, but I do get a T-shirt everywhere I go,” he said.

Like Striker, Snitsky’s collection of shirts has exceeded the capacity of the closet, and has grown to the point where a separate space is needed to house all of his acquired garb.

“I actually have storage boxes [of T-shirts] stashed in the attic that I don’t even wear,” said Snitsky. “The Hooters shirts are usually my favorite because, obviously, everyone loves Hooters—the restaurant that is. I’m a foot guy myself, but most guys like hooters.”

Getting the free T-shirts is part of the fun for Snitsky, especially when he’s getting them from his favorite upscale eatery, Hooters. 

“I’m infamous for sucking toes on the road, and what better place to suck toes than at Hooters?” said a genuine Snitsky. “I do my thing, get to their toes and take a free T-shirt for my troubles. If I’m going to suck the sh*t out of your toes, I at least deserve a T-shirt.”

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