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John Cena was named Sexiest Man of the Week by People magazine in October. Now, he's featured on's 2006 Sexiest Man Alive Web site, among some of today's hottest leading men. The WWE Champion said he's honored to be recognized by People.

"I don't know what makes me sexy, but I'm really attempting to try to bring sexy back. I think the people at People help me bring sexy back," Cena quipped.

In a video, Cena candidly speaks about flirting, his fashion style and his most memorable date. (Take a guess where it was… That's right, a gym!)

The Champ explained that being acknowledged by People is a huge plus for WWE.

"Obviously for a member of WWE to make a publication like that and be grouped amongst those names, we're obviously getting more people to pay attention to us," Cena said.

"So that's basically what that means to me -- the fact that we're doing a lot better with mainstream appeal. That's pretty cool," he continued. "WWE as a company wouldn't be involved with a publication like that if it wasn't kicking ass. It's good to see that the hard work's paying off."

But back to bringing sexy back… Sorry, ladies, Cena won't reveal what he thinks is his sexiest feature.

"The ladies will have to find that out on individual or small group basis," he chuckled.

However, the Champ admitted why he thinks women find him sexy. He claimed it's all about keeping it real.

"It's because I'm genuine. I've never pretended to be something I'm not. I always say what I mean. If that means it's me showing emotion out there or admitting to being under pressure, duress or stress, well then f*** it," he admitted.

"I kind of tell life how it is. I think that's an admirable trait. I'm glad that the females are watching, trust me. But I think everybody kind of appreciates that."


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