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Triple H has contacted to break the huge news that DX has accepted Big Show's challenge for a Handicap Match next week on ECW on Sci Fi.

Triple H, who was calling from home while recuperating from the injuries suffered on Monday Night RAW at the hands of the McMahons, Big Show and their hired guns from SmackDown, was not in good spirits during the phone interview.

"First of all, DX has never backed down from a challenge, and if Big Show couldn't handle me alone six months ago, how does he expect to handle me and Shawn?" The Game asked.

An irritated Triple H also responded to the Extreme Giant's comments that appeared on, where the ECW Champion said that the duo of Shawn Michaels and The Game was past their prime.

"As far as DX is concerned, I don't see any world titles around either one of their waists. They're [DX] running around trying to relive their glory days. I am the most dominant giant in the history of this entire industry and I will cement my legacy by crushing DX with my bare F'N hands," Big Show told following ECW on Sci Fi.

After the story was posted, Triple H had some words for the Extremist that also said he was going to make the King of Kings kiss his feet.

"I had to laugh when I was watching ECW on Sci Fi [Tuesday night] when Big Show mimicked the DX crotch chop. Then, I read he was going to crush us with is bare hands—I wondered if he was planning to use the same hand I broke with a sledgehammer?" asked the Game. also asked Triple H if he was concerned about Big Show's ECW support team of Paul Heyman, Heyman's Private Security Force and Hardcore Holly. Obviously, since DX will be making the trek into enemy territory, those are obstacles that they may have to overcome to emerge victorious in their Handicap Match.

"DX isn't concerned with Vince McMahon, and all the resources he has in his billion dollar empire; so why would we fear what the Messiah of the Bingo Hall will throw at us?" asked a confident Triple H..

Although DX will take on the McMahons and Big Show in a 3-on-2 Hell in a Cell Match at Unforgiven, The Game is trying to keep everything in perspective by focusing on the match on ECW on Sci Fi.

"One step at a time," he said. "I'll say Hell in a Cell won't be easy… but remember, Shawn and I have made our careers out of Hell in a Cell."

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