See More Evil

WWE Films' pioneer movie venture, See No Evil, starring Kane, is now available on DVD. For those WWE fans who missed the bloodbath that Kane's character Jacob Goodnight produces in the film, the DVD promises all the gore and more from what was seen in theaters, plus never-before-seen behind the scenes footage and interviews.

"The DVD contains interesting technical aspects of the film -- namely how some of the kills were done and the makeup, which I find intriguing," Kane said with a wry smile. "It also has commentary tracks from the director, the executive producer and myself."

See No Evil was Kane's first feature film and although it was well received by WWE fans and a terrific beginning for WWE's film division, the Big Red Machine says he's looking forward to getting his hands on the DVD and has not taken or considered another starring movie role.

"The DVD is going to be a big hit; I'm very excited about it…but I don't have any [future film projects] scheduled. The role in See No Evil was a perfect fit for me, but otherwise I'm concentrating on my thing here in WWE," said the recent SmackDown acquisition.

To relive the gore of See No Evil over and over, and for extra material not seen in theaters, including an exclusive Kane WWE profile which highlights the big man's career highlights, be sure to check out the DVD.

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