Rockin' rentals

Rockin' rentals

Ask most WWE fans and they will tell you that John Cena is No. 1 in the ring. Now, the current WWE Champion and World Tag Team Champion has a new credit to add to his impressive list of achievements: top rental. After making a huge splash at the box office, WWE Films' The Marine is now the No. 1 DVD rental in the country.

The Marine stars Cena as John Triton, an ex-marine on a mission to rescue his kidnapped wife (played by the beautiful Kelly Carlson). Home Media Retailing mentions The Marine's astronomical rental rate in their top story. "The Marine, an actioner about a group of diamond thieves… did manage to storm to the top of Home Media Magazine's video rental chart for the week, earning an estimated $6.3 million."  Along with the original release, a special unrated version of the film is out on store shelves.

"In the unrated version, the WWE fans get to see a true director's cut, which obviously makes for a more exciting movie," Cena told "We shot a PG-13 movie, and there's a lot of toeing the line you need to do for that. The people who were in charge of that stuff were going as far as counting the amount of bullet holes riddled into the Camaro we fired off the bridge! In the unrated version, you get to see a lot more of the action."   

To catch all the exciting action, join thousands of other movie buffs snatching up copies of The Marine today!

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