The road home

As the WWE made its way into the United Kingdom this week, William Regal returned to his home country for the first time in over a year.

"This is a hell of an experience," Regal said. "I haven't had the time to take it all in, to be honest."

While Regal was ecstatic to be home, fellow SmackDown Superstar Finlay had a less enthusiastic feeling about returning to England, where he has wrestled many times. "It's rainy and it's cold," he explained, "so coming back here to this miserable country is not good."

A real storm brewed when Regal made his way to Manchester this week. Asked how he expected to be received there, Regal told, "I usually get a good reaction anywhere in England, but Manchester is the place they go a little more wild for me. It is the ‘soccer chanting' kind of crazy, and it's a change for me to be the favorite of WWE fans."

The Belfast, Ireland, native Finlay was less optimistic of being as well received as Regal, responding, "They weren't too kind the last time I was here, in Manchester so we will have to see."

All WWE fans throughout the world claim that they are the best. With that, asked Regal and Finlay who had the best fans: the United States or the United Kingdom?

"In my opinion," stated Regal, "the fans here in the United Kingdom are much more vocal and passionate than WWE fans in the United States. As I said before, it is much of that ‘soccer crazy' which carries over to all forms of sport, especially WWE."

Finlay agreed. "Our fans are the same everywhere -- rowdy and noisy. I'd have to say they are louder here though, only because they don't have the chance to see us live like they do in the States."

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, wondered if the two Superstars were catching up with any friends or family before returning to the United States.

"I have some friends coming out." Finlay responded. "A few people I used to wrestle with and even some who I used to train to become wrestlers will be at the shows. It will be a lot of fun to see them again."

Seeming very touched by nostalgia, Regal answered, "it's always great to see old friends, especially those I have not been able to see in 15 months. My tag team partner from 20 years ago will be in Manchester at SmackDown. My dad and mum are also coming down for the show, so this is a great tour for me."


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