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WWE Films had a monster year in 2006 that saw huge successes from their first two movies: Kane's See No Evil, available Nov. 28 on DVD, and John Cena's The Marine. With WWE Films' next project due out in early 2007, next year looks to be no different. 

WWE Films' third release, The Condemned, stars Stone Cold Steve Austin and hits theaters this coming spring. While The Condemned has big footsteps to follow, the star of the film is excited and looking forward to his second role on the big screen.

"WWE Films had the best of everything and it was all completely first class," said Austin. "I've been in two movies before this, however I was thoroughly impressed [with WWE Films]."

Austin was so impressed that he signed a three picture deal.

"I get to do my part to help make the film division the success I know it will be."

In his second film he plays a much larger role than he did in his first movie, The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler. Austin told that his fans may be surprised at what they see in his portrayal of Jack Conrad in The Condemned.

"The Stone Cold that many WWE fans are used to is a bit different from the Jack Conrad they'll see on the screen," he said with a smirk. "Jack Conrad is pretty reserved and not overly wordy, but as the reluctant hero, you don't have to run your mouth about yourself," he continued. "Other people tend to talk for you and build the background of the character."
Fortunately for Austin, the transition from winning championships as a WWE Superstar to taking the lead role on the silver screen went surprisingly well.

"I was doing a fight scene with Vinnie Jones (Snatch, X-Men: The Last Stand), who plays my nemesis on the island, and it took us over a week to shoot it," Austin explained. "We were in a river bed and every time we started it would start raining," he said while shaking his head and smiling. "We'd have to stop and stand around for several hours under umbrellas and in the end a fight sequence that was supposed to last two days ended up taking over a week."

Although The Condemned is roughly five to six months away from its release, many of Stone Cold's fans are anxiously counting down the days until it opens in theaters nationwide. 

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