Annual WWE Summer Reading Slam 2006

Spend your summer with a WWE Superstar… poster.

The annual WWE Summer Reading Slam is underway, and this year there is a new twist. Readers 18 years old or younger can send in a book review to receive a WWE Summer Reading Slam Poster and a chance to have their review posted on this fall. Participants can collect all three posters featuring Big Show, Kane and Maria by reading and reviewing up to three books.

While on the road, many of the WWE Superstars carry their favorite books with them to help pass the time. Shelton Benjamin says his desire to be successful is what motivates him to read.

"If you can't read, you have a handicap that will affect every aspect of your life," he said.

But Benjamin is not the only the wrestler wrapped up in reading. John Cena got hooked as a kid.

"My dad is my all-time Reading Champion," he said. "As a kid, I would read the sports page over his shoulder; we'd look at stats together and talk about my favorite players."

WWE wants everyone to get involved with reading. According to Rey Mysterio, "the world would be more creative and more imaginative" if everyone enjoyed reading.

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