Randy rips Hogan

When WWE.com broke the news that Hulk Hogan's torn meniscus in his knee wouldn't keep Hulkamania from running wild on Randy Orton at SummerSlam, it was only a matter of hours before Randy Orton -- an avid WWE.com reader -- was phoning in to unload his thoughts on what he believes has "really" been going on.

"It's pretty plain and simple: his knee either wasn't hurt or was barely hurt in the beginning," said a condescending Orton. "He obviously had thoughts of not facing me and was using his knee as an excuse."

When reports of Hogan's injury surfaced, Orton claimed it was all a ruse so Hogan could bow out of the match to keep his legend from being killed by the Legend Killer at SummerSlam. After a few days of deliberation, the Hulkster said he'd fight through the pain because "Orton disrespected [Hogan's] family, disrespected the business and disrespected the WWE fans." (Read what Hogan said)

Like Hogan's injured knee, Orton doesn't buy the reasoning the Hulkster gave for resurrecting their match. In fact, he claims the Ortons' roots are so deeply ingrained in sports-entertainment that it's The Immortal One who's showing the sacrilege.

"My father is one of the people who saw him in a blues bar in Florida playing a guitar as an entertainer and approached him about being in the business…so if anyone is disrespecting anyone's family, he's disrespecting mine and not recognizing how he entered the profession," admonished Orton.

The history surrounding the Ortons has the Legend Killer believing Hogan needs to revisit WWE's past to fully comprehend the level of disrespect the Hulkster has displayed towards the Orton family.

"You can go way, way back in history…when my grandfather debuted, and at that point, not only were my father and I not even a thought, but Linda, Nick and dear old Brooke weren't even a stain on her daddy's sheets," mocked Orton.

Now that the match at SummerSlam is on, the brash, young Superstar claims he's going to do what he planned to do the entire time—kill Hogan's legend. As for the Hulkster announcing he'd be showing up on RAW this Monday from Charlottesville, Va., the Legend Killer says he isn't fazed, but a little baffled.

"He's already told the whole world on the internet and on "Live with Regis and Kelly" that he hurt his knee, so what good will it do for him to approach me?" asked Orton. "I'm 26 years old, a lot more agile than you, Hulk, so it would just be a matter of time before you were walking around the arena during the day, and I snuck up behind you and tore your other meniscus," he warned.

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