CM Punk is coming after your grandma

"What you see is what you get... When it comes down to it, I'm just another kid from Chicago walking down the street. I think everybody can relate to that. I'm different. I'm not cookie cutter, I'm not the same run of the mill, and I will punch yo grandma in the face if I have to. I think people like that."

That was CM Punk's reaction when asked him why he thought people were attracted to him. Punk has quickly earned the support of the toughest fans in the world: ECW fans. It's something he was apprehensive about when he made his debut several weeks ago.

"I always remember hearing the ECW alumni say that if you could make it at the ECW Arena or be a star in front of the true ECW fans, you can make it anywhere," Punk told the night of his debut.

Now, with three victories and no losses under his belt, the ECW fans aren't the only ones Punk has won over. He gained the recognition of The Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences last week when he debuted on the POWER 25 at No. 25.

"I think it's pretty cool," Punk said of making the list. "Now that I'm No. 25, I only aspire to be No. 24 and then No. 23 and so on and so forth until I'm all the way at No. 1."

Even though Punk is known for assimilating a collection of martial arts styles from around the world into a style that is truly his own, Punk has a far less elegant plant for dominating the POWER 25.

"I'm going to find out who No. 24 is, and I'm going to choke 'em out. And I'm just going to keep on beating all the competition and making my way all the way to No. 1."

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