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The ominous day has finally arrived, and the nation will now bear witness to the unseen evil that lurks within Jacob Goodnight. WWE Films' first venture in the world of major motion pictures is See No Evil, which is in theaters now (find a theater).

Kane, who plays the film's monstrously horrific main character, has been on a whirlwind of a promotional tour recently in conjunction with the film's release.

The Big Red Machine was seen on a variety of programs that included G4's Attack of the Show, ESPN's Cold Pizza, TV Guide's Hollywood on Set, and news programs with both the WB and FOX networks. In addition to his television appearances, Kane was featured on several different terrestrial and satellite radio stations. Watch: Kane on the WB news

When asked about the experience on Hollywood on Set, Kane said that he thought a horror film would be an exceptional project for him because everyone has seen what he can do on television to his opponents, and he thought it would be very interesting to see what he could do to his victims in film.

Kane related an experience in one interview where the director had complimented him on his acting. "The director came up to me the other day and said he couldn't believe what a good actor I was, and said I was a very convincing psychopath. I told him I wasn't acting." Clearly Kane didn't need any motivation to pull out his darkest elements.

"I didn't base Jacob on anything, he's pretty much an extensive and extreme version of myself," said Kane on G4's Attack of the Show. "To play the character, Jacob Goodnight, I had to look into myself for that motivation and it opened up some doors in my psyche that I didn't know existed."

Kane's debut within the realm of horror will solidify him within the genre forevermore. There's no way anyone will forget the grizzly and macabre images in See No Evil. Horror fans won't be the only ones to enjoy Kane's exploration of his inner demons, "WWE fans are going to love Kane in this movie because all the sick and demented things I do when I'm in a ring can't even compare to what I do when I get on a 30-foot screen."

Kane obviously brings a whole new level of intensity to the genre. On Cold Pizza he was asked what he brought to the horror genre, compared to figures like Jason and Freddy. Kane said "In a Triple Threat Match with Kane, Freddy would find his claws shoved up a very unpleasant place and I would chokeslam Jason straight back to hell." Watch: Kane on Cold Pizza

His portrayal of a psychopathic killer, who stalks a group of teens on vacation, is frighteningly dead on. Goodnight's prey become trapped in an old decrepit hotel and struggle against their inevitable impending slaughter. This is a situation that most of Kane's opponents are familiar with. Whether it's Jacob in a hotel, or Kane in a ring, the result is always the same- pain and anguish.

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