Superstars debate who the real WWE power couple is

Ever since he won the World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash, King Booker and Queen Sharmell have been SmackDown's unquestioned power couple. Together, they have ruled Friday night's with an "iron fist." Meanwhile, the RAW landscape is controlled by WWE Champion Edge and his constant companion, WWE Women's Champion Lita. Sunday night at SummerSlam, the power couples crossed paths backstage and debated the issue. Later, spoke with the respective couples, as well as a few other WWE Superstars who weighed in with their opinions on the matter.

One half of SmackDown's top couple, the "benevolent" World Heavyweight Champion King Booker, was quite certain that he and his Queen were the pre-eminent couple in all of sports-entertainment.

"The dominant power couple is of course King Booker, and the lovely Queen Sharmell," said the confident King. "There could be no more powerful couple for the simple fact that we are royalty. Our standards are higher, I am not the WWE Champion, I am the Champion of the World. Edge and Lita are simply peasants. There is no comparison."

His wife, the elegant Queen Sharmell, agreed with the King's assessment.

"We are royalty. That alone makes us the most powerful couple in all of the WWE," said the Queen. "King Booker and I rule the SmackDown kingdom in all our royal splendor. Edge and Lita are peasants, and royalty wins out over peasants every time."

Of course, RAW's power couple, Edge and Lita offered a contradictory opinion.

"In no way are King Booker and Queen Sharmell the power couple in WWE," said Edge. "You can compare crowns and capes and scepters all you want, but what it comes down to in this business is pure gold. I am the WWE Champion. I am the standard bearer. I am the man that everyone is compared to in this business. And then you have Lita, the WWE Women's Champion. She's the woman that every Diva wants to be. What does that tell you? It tells you that there has never been a couple as powerful as us before."

The Women's Champion agreed. "I'm the Woman's Champion, Edge is the WWE Champion. What more do we need to prove?" said the controversial Diva.

WWE Legend Hacksaw Jim Duggan agrees with his RAW counterparts.

"I think without question, the true power couple in WWE is Edge and Lita," said Hacksaw. "They are just running roughshod all over the WWE. The things they did to John Cena's father and everything else they do, they just take things in a different direction."

SmackDown's hardest hitting Superstar, former U.S. Champion Lashley offered his thoughts.

"King Booker and Queen Sharmell are the real power couple," said the fan-favorite. "When Sharmell came to SmackDown, King Booker went straight to the top. He went from U.S. Champion to Champion of the World. As a team, they are the best in the business."

One Superstar who claims to know everything, Matt Striker, had a unique perspective on the topic. The former teacher analyzed the respective couples.

"It's obvious that both couples display the acumen and the talent that a teacher such as myself would find to be impressive," said Striker. "Let's discuss. King Booker is a six-time World Champion. Sharmell is a former beauty queen, and in my opinion, she's still a beauty queen. Edge is truly the Rated-R Superstar. He has revolutionized the ladder match, the tag team division, and he's also a close personal friend. And Lita, well she's as talented as she is beautiful. I would have to say that the couples are even as far as power couples go."

It would no doubt be a Dream Match if the power couples ever squared off in a WWE ring. As expected, the Superstars had their own predictions as to who would win.

WWE Champion Edge was happy to share his projections as to what would happen if he and Lita faced the SmackDown royalty in a WWE ring.

"Well, I don't think royalty would prevail," said Edge. "King Booker and Queen Sharmell would go from riches to rags. I have Lita, a three-time WWE Women's Champion, and therein lies our strength. How many times has Queen Sharmell been Women's Champ?"

SmackDown's Lashley disagreed. The former United States Champion has an extensive in-ring history with King Booker, which he relied on in making his prediction.

"I think King Booker and Sharmell would be victorious," said the soft-spoken Superstar. "I think the deciding factor would be the guys, and I believe that King Booker has the advantage. Having been in the ring with King Booker, I can say that he is definitely among the toughest wrestlers in the WWE."

Again, know-it-all Matt Striker offered a different "hypothesis."

"I think the fans would be the real winners," said Striker. "If they were to square off, the fans would be seeing four of the finest entertainers of our lifetime. But, unfortunately for them, I don't think it would happen. Knowing each of them, I can guess that they would probably shake hands and walk away. They all realize that they are the best thing going today, so I don't think they would want to jeopardize that."

His majesty, World Heavyweight Champion King Booker was hesitant to project a winner. Instead, he suggested an alternate scenario.

"You see, Sharmell is a Queen. A royal Queen," said the King. "She's not some derelict, not some scallywag who chooses to handle her business by using fists. She's royalty. If anything, she will have someone else handle her business. She's the Queen of all Queens, not a fighter. However, if Edge ever wants to test his skills, the glorious King would be more than happy to appease the peasant. That is all. Thank You."

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