Continuing the 'Mania

Continuing the 'Mania

WrestleMania hits Ford Field in Detroit on April 1. But just because WrestleMania 23 will be in the history books soon doesn’t mean that the “mania” ends there. In the weeks following WrestleMania, new Superstars make their marks, rivalries and championship quests begin anew, and most importantly, the road to the next WrestleMania begins.

This year, you can be there as WWE makes its first turn down the road to WrestleMania 24. Tickets are available now for the April 2 Raw in Dayton, Ohio and the April 3 SmackDown and ECW event in Fort Wayne, Ind. You can be there for the final two events of WrestleMania week, and you never know just what you’ll see.

On April 3, 2006, fans in Chicago’s Allstate Center were treated to one of the most memorable Raws of 2006. Just one day removed from WrestleMania 22, the Spirit Squad defeated Big Show & Kane to win the World Tag Team Championship, gold they would hold for seven months. Umaga and Armando Estrada made their WWE debut that night as well, with the Samoan Bulldozer making Ric Flair the first victim on his vicious path of destruction.

The next night, fans in Peoria, Ill. saw the first SmackDown following WrestleMania 22. It was also a night of chaos and debuts, as SmackDown saw the first appearance of the monstrous Great Khali. Daivari brought Khali out to attack Undertaker during the Deadman’s match with Mark Henry, sparking a rivalry that lasted through the summer. Also that night, Paul London & Brian Kendrick began their dominance over then-WWE Tag Team Champions MNM by defeating them in a non-title match, Theodore Long announced the return of the King of the Ring tournament and Rey Mysterio made his first World Championship defense against Randy Orton.

Over the years, the first Raw and SmackDown events following WrestleMania have seen many other memorable WWE moments, including:

-The formation of the Two-Man Power Trip (Triple H & Stone Cold with Mr. McMahon),
-Linda McMahon announcing the WWE brand extension,
-The debut of Goldberg, return of Sable and final appearance by the APA as a team,  
-Eric Bischoff firing Stone Cold, and
-Mr. McMahon announcing the first WWE Draft Lottery.

What will happen this year? Will Shawn Michaels or John Cena be WWE Champion when Raw hits Dayton? Who will be bald – Mr. McMahon or Donald Trump? You can find out all that and more, plus see a special appearance by Mick Foley, by getting your tickets for the first Raw and SmackDown/ECW events on the road to WrestleMania 24. Be a part of history!

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