Holiday plans & traditions

Holiday plans & traditions

For many Superstars and Extremists, the holidays are the only time of year they have to spend extended periods of time away from the road. Their travel schedules have them moving from city to city almost non-stop throughout the year. recently caught up with the Superstars and Extremists to see what they had planned for their precious time off.

Holiday plans: Right now, the most important thing is to have the annual Matt Hardy Christmas Bash. Everyone gathers and we eat, drink and enjoy ourselves. And also I look forward to chilling with my Dad and my brother at home.
Holiday traditions: Each year after the New Year, which kind of goes along with a New Years Resolution, a group of us friends who came into the business together have what we call The Cleansing, where we get together and honestly and candidly talk about what has happened to us the past year, the good and the bad, and we figure out what we can improve on for the next year.

Holiday plans: I'm going home to Chicago, and then I'll look at the lights around town, I am going to try to catch the play Wicked. Then I'll go to grandparents and then after that I have about twelve other places to be.

Holiday plans: I will be in Canada; I can't get used to palm trees for Christmas. I'll be with my dogs, a hot chocolate and baileys, and I will have the whole Copeland family over to my house which is really nice.
Holiday traditions: I got this one of a kind dining room table made, and it is going to become a family heirloom because it has Copeland branded into the side. So we will sit around that table and I will eat a whole lot, which will help me add to my accomplishment as the skinniest fat guy in professional wrestling.

Holiday plans: I plan on going to see my family and friends in Memphis but not much holiday cheer, getting back on the road right after Christmas to train harder.
Holiday traditions: Christmas Eve night, the family gets together and we open our gifts

Holiday plans: I actually have no plans. I want to prepare my taxes and I am going to rest, relax and run my restaurant, Fat Tony's.

Holiday plans: To spend Christmas at home and not in the hospital. Thanksgiving was no fun there, and I don't want to spend Christmas there. I just will be with the ones I love.
Holiday traditions: McCool family Christmas is very laid back; we do pizza on paper plates with salad.

Holiday plans: To make SmackDown even bigger and better in 2007. I want to thank everybody for making 2006 a great year for SmackDown.

Holiday plans: Be with my family in West Virginia.
Holiday traditions: We go snow-tubing every year. It's a newer tradition.

Holiday plans: Staying home in my own house, sleeping in my own bed, watching my own TV, and sitting on my own couch.
Holiday traditions: We always have Christmas Eve at our house, with my mom and my wife's mother.

Holiday plans: Going to see a Packers game with my lovely, lovely girlfriend. Then to my mother's house, and then the following day to my grandmother's house.
Holiday traditions: Every Christmas Eve we would go to my grandparents' house on my father's side, and it's weird now because they have all passed away so we do things on the fly.

Holiday plans: The biggest thing to me is being with family. I've got a 10 year old, a four year old, and a two year old. Being Native, we are very close with family. Everything is about family.

Holiday plans: I plan to relax, enjoy a little time off, spending time in my Lucha Lounge, mellowing out and getting back to my happy place in my mind.

Holiday plans: My first Christmas in Tampa, my new residence. No cold and snow, pool and palm trees this year. And, I will be wearing a sexy Santa's elves dress this year. Yes, they do have my size. Don't hate, participate!
Holiday traditions: Being away from the family this year it will be tough to continue traditions, but its all about new beginnings for Vito.

Holiday plans: I am going to spend all my money on my family. I am optimistic about this year, so I am going to make everyone happy this year.

Holiday plans: Going home to Jacksonville to see my family who I haven't seen in a while, so I am excited.
Holiday traditions: My dad is Jewish and my mother is Christian, so we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas.

Holiday plans: Everyday is a holiday in the life of Matt Striker, whether it HHHHanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas or of course, Festivus.
Holiday traditions: I would often sit on my father's lap and read to him such authors as Oscar Wilde, Tolstoy, and my father Norman Striker and I would put aside an hour to finish War and Peace. That and making my sister eat yellow sno-cones. But they weren't yellow because of urine; they were yellow because of lemon.

Holiday plans: Going to be with my family, I am Italian and Irish, so we will be eating and drinking.
Holiday traditions: When you are Italian at Christmas, you start off with an antipasto, and then you get pasta, sausage and meatballs. You eat until you can't anymore. Then you nap, and then out comes the turkey and ham.

Holiday plans: Whenever I am not beating people up, I will be enjoying the cuisine of Pittsburgh and the company of my family.
Holiday traditions: I will be defending my Scrabble championship within the family once again this year.

Holiday plans: I'm heading home to Jacksonville. I haven't been home in three years. So this year is really special.

Holiday traditions: My mom bakes Jesus a birthday cake. It's weird but it is cute, and we look forward to it every year because it tastes good.

Holiday traditions: My father is a minister, so we go to church and open the gifts Christmas Eve and then Christmas day just dinner and chilling.

Holiday plans: A lot of egg nog, low carb of course. Hanging out with my main squeeze Melina, the hottest, sexiest, most dominant Diva in WWE history.
Holiday traditions: Go to Beverly Hilton for a meal. Hang with K-Fed and well not Paris this year, she has been behind enemy lines. But also Wilmer Valderrama and Ashton Kutcher.

Holiday traditions: Every December 1, our family would set up the Christmas tree, and that's a tradition I have maintained.

Holiday plans: My plans are just to spend time with my brand newborn baby and my wife and both of our families.
Holiday traditions: Well we are going to start some now that we have started a family.

Holiday plans: I am going to sit at home and everyone is going to bring gifts to me.

Holiday plans: I did Christmas with my family early, so now I will go with my man to Massachusetts to see his family.
Holiday traditions: Not really, just kind of munch out. We did some ham this year, and also some Hooters wings. And maybe some medium shelf egg nog.

Holiday plans: Big party right before Christmas, and spending time with my family. After that I will be taking other peoples Christmas money at the casino in Texas Hold 'Em.

Holiday plans: My plans are to get as many gifts as I can, give as little as I can, and eat as much as I can.

Holiday plans: Shad: Spend time with my brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, my girl, see how my boys are doing.
Holiday traditions: JTG: I like to go to the club on New Year's and pop open a new bottle of champagne to celebrate.
Shad: I usually work. In the past I've worked as a bodyguard or at the clubs, so this is the first New Years I am not working.

Holiday plans: Armando like to have a glass of wine or two, watch Dick Clark's special and then I go to bed early so I can wake up in the morning and make more money.

Holiday plans: Party with all of my family in Mexico. My wife, my kids, everybody.

Holiday plans: Cade: I'm just going to enjoy a nice Christmas Eve with my family, and then, well, the rest is none of your business.

Holiday plans: I got this little Charlie Brown tree next to my fire. It's gonna be me, my hound dog, and my old lady. We're gonna drink beer and bring in Christmas the right way: with alcoholic beverages and egg nog.

Holiday plans: Spend time with my family.

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