Pizza party 619-style

Even though Rey Mysterio stands at only 5-foot-6, his legions of fans around the world see him as larger than life. But outside the ring, the World Champion is just like his fans. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, and of course, he loves pizza. Some of his biggest fans came to realize this first-hand when three lucky auction winners won a pizza party with Mysterio at his brother’s restaurant Godfather’s Pizza in his hometown of San Diego.

Not only did Rey and his fans get to enjoy some piping hot pizza last Friday, they also got to watch SmackDown with the brand’s top Superstar.

“It was a really cool thing. People drove down all the way from Arizona just to be down with Rey Mysterio. The winners and their families came out from Cali and took the two hour drive, and we watched SmackDown together for a couple hours,” said Mysterio. “They brought out a big jumbo pizza, and we all had pizza and drinks. I signed some autographs and took some pizzas, and I passed the World Championship belt around.”

The fans also got to learn more about Rey and his career.

“We talked and exchanged stories about my life and how they have followed wrestling and how they have followed my career for a long time,” said Mysterio. “It was a cool, loving moment.”

While Mysterio’s brother is the owner of Godfather’s Pizza, Rey also worked there when he was younger.

“I started off folding boxes for mini pizzas, which is a small, individual pizza. That’s how I got my first job, and from there I moved up and started bussing tables and washing dishes. The next thing I knew, I was a cook making pizzas,” said Mysterio. “I remember back in those days I would work from 4-7 p.m. and then I would train for wrestling. On my Saturdays that I had to work, I’d work my long, eight hour shift, and I would get my break from 12-1 p.m., which was when WWE would come on TV. I would take my break, make myself a pizza, sit in the corner and watch WWE.” 
The three winners won their free passes to the party from separate auctions that were held on In addition to unforgettable experiences like the pizza party, fans can also bid on everything from Divas’ lingerie, to steel chairs used in matches, to T-shirts worn by Superstars and much more.

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