Pat Patterson performs at CanadaFest

Pat Patterson performs at CanadaFest

Little known fact: WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson is quite the crooner. The Canadian recently had the pleasure of performing at CanadaFest in Hollywood Beach, Fla., in front of a crowd of thousands.

"I was nervous, but it went very well," Patterson told "It was an experience for me. It was a trip."

CanadaFest is the United States' biggest French festival, with more than 150,000 people in attendance each year. The not-for-profit organization aims to provide a look at French Canadian culture to the residents and tourists of Florida through the sounds, food and ambience of the festival.

Patterson was invited to perform by the CanadaFest promoters through his friend, singer and pianist Edna DesRoberts.

"She's there every year at the festival as a performer. She tells jokes, she sings songs in French. Everybody loves her. She's such a wonderful lady," Patterson said.

While Patterson has sung karaoke in front of 40 people, he's never performed for such a large crowd like the one at CanadaFest. But his performance was a success, thanks in part to song choice.

"You've got to pick the right songs for the right crowd," he said.

"I sang ‘Cuando, Cuando.' I sang my favorite song in the whole world, ‘My Way.' Then I sang ‘What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong in his voice. So it came out very well."

Patterson said the crowd was so wowed by his performance, many inquired if he had CDs or merchandise available. WWE's first Intercontinental Champion hopes his debut CanadaFest gig isn't his last.

"Oh yeah, next year I'll do a whole show! I love it. It's great. It's a fun thing to do," he smiled. "I'm not trying to become somebody. I just have fun."

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