Hall of Famer returns

This week, the first Intercontinental Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson made his long-awaited return to work as a producer with World Wrestling Entertainment. A mentor to countless WWE Superstars, two months ago, Patterson suffered a very rare abdominal aneurism which required immediate and extensive surgery. Now recovered, Patterson was unquestionably elated to be back on the road, but more importantly, he feels fortunate to be alive.
"I am the luckiest guy alive today," exclaimed Patterson. "With an aneurism in your stomach and in your blood vessels, normally at five centimeters they operate right away because that bubble that you have on your blood vessel busts and you can die instantly."

Patterson's aneurism was 11.9 centimeters. According to the Hall of Famer, his physicians could not understand how he was possibly alive.

"[The procedure] is one of the most dangerous surgeries," he said. "My chance of surviving the surgery was about 10 percent."

Undergoing a four-hour intensive surgical procedure that required a cut stemming from his chest to below his stomach, Patterson was hospital-ridden for 10 days. In the weeks that followed his release from hospital care, Patterson required much rest while staying with his sister in Montreal.

"I love the business and I missed it," he said. "[While recovering] I would watch every show on television just because I like to bitch and complain about some of the things I see. I give my honest opinion."

Though he has been active -- daily exercise and teeing off at the golf course -- Patterson stated that physical exertion still makes him very tired. Nonetheless, the WWE producer made it his mission to make it back to the place he calls home.

"I didn't want to take it easy, I wanted to heal fast," he added. "I'm feeling very good right now. I'm going to be OK. I'm not back to work full time yet, but it's nice to come back when you're well appreciated by the WWE Superstars and crew. I'm thankful that I'm here today."


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