A lesson in P25

A lesson in P25

WWE fans will learn the selections for the top 25 Superstars of 2006 from none other than Matt Striker, your teacher. The POWER 25 Year in Review show, set to premiere on WWE.com on January 25, will count down to the Superstar of the year.

"We made it very simple for people such as yourself," Striker explained. "It's a POWER 25 year in review where we review the entire year of… guess what… the POWER 25."

The WWE.com exclusive marks the first time the P25 will be in video form. Striker is delighted to host the occasion and will ensure the Year in Review is properly articulated.

"Why wouldn't Matt Striker be hosting?" he asked. "It involves numbers, it involves equations, and it involves power. And of course, everyone thinks of Matt Striker when they think of those three things."

For the many WWE fans who just can't get enough learning from Matt Striker's Word of the Week on ECW.com, the POWER 25 Year in Review will provide a bonus class. Not only will the Extreme Educator present the top 25 Superstars; he will also make clear the logic behind each selection.

Striker declined to give much insight on the formula behind the P25, only stating, "E=MC squared. A squared plus B squared over C squared over the symbol for Van Halen minus by the pentagram for the band Rush and then the abstract polynomial symbol for the table of elements for Ginger Baker."

Striker refused to reveal any information about specific Superstars' rankings in the countdown, explaining there wouldn't be any surprises if he did.

"We made a few choice revisions at the end," he said. "Feel free to watch and you'll see exactly how accurate we make it."

The countdown will represent WWE as the 25 best sports-entertainers of the year will be featured. When asked his thoughts, Striker promised it would do just that.

"Anytime Matt Striker has face time, it has to represent WWE very well," he said. "I mean, all kidding aside, we are the revolutionary force in sports-entertainment."

Striker plans on teaching WWE fans plenty, but when WWE.com asked him if he learned anything from the experience, the interview ended abruptly.

Don't miss the enlightening math lessons behind the POWER 25 Year in Review on January 25 hosted by Matt Striker, your teacher.

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