Out Late?

Out late during the weekends? Still want to stay current with what's happening on RAW? No problem, we've got just the thing for you.

WWE A.M. RAW will be moving to a new timeslot, and will be airing at 2 a.m. on Saturday night (Sunday morning). But that's not the only change. The rating for the show will be changing as well. "Before we had a PG rating," commented Mark Hamilton, the show's producer. "But the new show will be TV 14, which is the same as RAW, so we'll be able to deliver content that we wouldn't have been able to before."

Whether it's the gorgeous Divas you're a fan of or the lengths the Superstars will go to to stay on top, this new time slot will allow the program to keep you abreast of absolutely everything that happens on RAW.

With the combination of the new time and the edgier rating, A.M. RAW is the perfect show for WWE fans that are out late on the weekends and still want their fair share of WWE programming. "We're looking forward to being able to deliver another quality product to a newer and older audience," said Hamilton.

Make sure you're up to date and in the know every week, tune into A.M. RAW every Saturday at 2 a.m. (Sunday morning) on the USA Network.


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