The numbers game

The numbers game

The world of sports-entertainment is filled with magic numbers: 23 WrestleManias, 16 World Championships for Ric Flair, 400 episodes of SmackDown…you get the idea. At, we get magic numbers too, only ours are how many times you the WWE fans have viewed certain pages on the site.

Sometimes, we share those numbers with the Superstars and Divas, and of course, they all have their own opinion as to where they should be on the list. For instance, Women’s Champion Melina firmly believes that her golden status makes her a cut above the rest.

“Well, the Women’s Champion should be the most downloaded Diva out of everyone. I shouldn’t have to tell you that!” she barked at poor Zack Zeigler.

That makes sense and all, but there’s one problem: Melina is NOT the most downloaded Diva in WWE, at least since WrestleMania, anyway. You see, over the last three weeks, it’s actually Melina’s Backlash opponent, Mickie James, who is the most downloaded Raw Diva.

“WHAT?!?!” Melina screamed at Zack when he broke the news to her Monday night in London. Poor Zeigler probably wished he never agreed to help me out with this assignment at that moment, but luckily, Melina calmed down after a few deep breaths.

“You know what? That’s fine,” the A-list Diva continued. “I’ll let her have her moment right now, but I will be back on top. No matter who comes at me, I will always end up back on top.”

Once calm, Melina even admitted that it doesn’t bother her so much, because she’s actually used to being shunned, so to speak.

“I’m getting used to the WWE fans not appreciating me as much as they should,” she revealed. “But look where I am. I’m an A-lister and I’m the Women’s Champion, and like it or not, the fans have to accept that.”

Even if the WWE fans aren’t acknowledging her success, the Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences has noticed, as Melina has been No. 17 on the POWER 25 rankings for the last couple weeks. No Diva has ever cracked the Top 15, but Melina is confident she will break that barrier soon enough too.

“I know what I can do, and I know I’m the most dominant Diva that has ever walked that aisle. Just watch.”

With that, she went out on Raw Monday night and clobbered poor Maria en route to a quick non-title victory. She has a chance to take out some frustration on Mickie James this weekend at Backlash as well, and whether or not the info she was given motivated her or not is unclear; after the match, Melina stormed past Zack backstage without stopping to answer our follow-up question.

But if it did…well, all we can say is sorry, Mickie, because knowing Melina, the backlash from this finding might be the most severe of all.

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