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Discover lesser-known facts about  RAW Superstars Gene Snitsky and Trevor Murdoch and ECW Extremist Balls Mahoney as fires a series of questions to get to know what sports-entertainers' lives are like outside of the ropes. Look for "'s personal" on the second Wednesday of each month.  -- Z

what's the first thing you notice about a woman?

Snitsky: Her feet.

Murdoch: Her A double S.

Balls Mahoney:

 Her eyes and body.

Editor's Note:
 Seriously, was anyone expecting someone to give personality as an answer? Then again, if the woman had a nice pair of personalities... -- Z

Did you pick your nose as a kid? still?

Snitsky: Everybody does... how else do you get the boogers out? Of course I still do!

Murdoch: Of course...and of course.

Balls Mahoney: Yes I used to, and no I don't still.

Editor's Note:

I'm throwing a flag on Mahoney for that flagrant lie. You saying you don't still pick your nose is like Lance Bass saying he dates women. -- Z

Three people from history you'd bring to dinner? 

Snitsky: I would bring three foot fetish adult film stars-- Stacy Burke, Rita Faltoyano and Chrissy Moran -- to dinner because not only would I have a good meal but I'd have a good dessert. People may not have heard of them because I'm into some strange stuff.

Murdoch: I would bring Harley Race because he's just the coolest man in the world. I want to meet Andre the Giant and I'd like to meet Genghis Khan because he killed a lot of people.

Balls Mahoney:
 Anton LaVey, President George W. Bush and Vlad III the Impaler. Imagine that conversation.

Editor's Note: Foot fetish porn stars, George W. Bush, Andre the Giant and Genghis Khan -- sounds like an interesting gala you guys got brewing. That is, until Genghis Kahn starts lopping off heads -- huge party spoiler.
 -- Z

You spend your money on...

Snitsky: Cars. That's my passion; I like cars.

Murdoch: Chewing tobacco

Balls Mahoney: Alcohol

Editor's Note:
 Hmmm... booze, chew and cars, all the elements for a NASCAR pit crew, I think. -- Z

Are you an adult entertainment internet patron?

Snitsky:  Yes, pantyhose fetish websites are my favroite.

Murdoch: What's Internet?

Balls Mahoney: I don't have a computer. 

Editor's Note: Studies have shown that three out of three men surf the web for porn. So, what that means is once Murdoch crawls into the 21st century he'll hop onto the net and join the ranks. -- Z is for...

Snitsky: People with no life.

Murdoch: My sh*t? My boots? Can't use sh*t, can you? I don't know. Is it on that Internet? I don't know. I guess it's my space for my sh*t. I don't know.

Balls Mahoney: Freaks

Editor's note: You're all correct, except stalkers and mindless voyeurism should probably be on the list. ( I say mindless voyeurism, you say social networking -- poe-tay-toe/puh-taht-toe, right?) -- Z

what is your favorite wwe moment?

Snitsky: I'm a big fan of when Hogan slammed Andre (at WrestleMania III). I remember watching that as a kid and thinking, "Man, that was cool."


Balls Mahoney: [Superfly Jimmy] Snuka flying off the Cage onto Bob Backlund... and he missed.


Editor's Note: How can you argue with those? Enough said. -- Z

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