Chris Nowinski hosts friends of Smackdown Your Vote!

Chris Nowinski, spokesman and political correspondent for WWE's Smackdown Your Vote!, is at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. today, the site of tonight's Raw. The former WWE Superstar and Tough Enough finalist is hosting a reception for friends of the Smackdown Your Vote! program.

"We have a lot of great relationships in Washington D.C. and so we bring a lot of our congressional staffers and congressmen to the show whenever we're here," Nowinski told "We also host a lot of wounded soldiers from Walter Reed Army Medical Center. They'll all be at Raw tonight."

Nowinski said WWE is hosting 30 wounded soldiers and two sections full of congressional staffers.

"It's a lot of people. We have a lot of friends here. Smackdown Your Vote!'s now six years old. We have a lot of staffs we're friends with and they've done a lot of favors for us. Now we're doing favors for them. They get to see the show that they're helping out," Nowinski continued.

He went on to explain that WWE has programs such as Smackdown Your Vote! and Tribute to the Troops because of the McMahons' and WWE's desire to give back to the community and the WWE fans.

"It's part of an overall community service idea that we want to better our community. We have so many millions of WWE fans across the world and if they give us their time and they show up to our shows," Nowinski explained. "These programs are us, using our power that we have to help make their lives a little better."

Nowinski revealed that throughout the day, the United States Department of Defense and The Pentagon were at the Verizon Center, filming WWE Superstars about their recent Tribute to the Troops trip to Baghdad, Iraq.

"They really appreciate all the guys making that trip over there. Very few people do it like WWE does it," Nowinski said. "So they're trying to document it and find out what really happened."

Nowinski divulged the congressional staffers are ready and excited for tonight's Raw.

"The congressional staffers that come to these shows are absolute animals. They always tear it up! They're hardcore wrestling fans," he smiled.

"They're all buttoned up all day long in the halls of Congress. Then they come here and they're the wildest fans we have. It's actually quite funny. They hoot and holler and get into just like everybody else."


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