Who's the No. 1 Offender?

Have you ever been watching RAW or SmackDown and just when your favorite WWE Superstar was about to land a signature move, get the pinfall and become the new WWE Champion, another Superstar rushed to the ring with a chair in hand and delivered a blindsided blow that ruining the match?

It's actions like these -- and others that are even more detestable -- that warranted WWE Magazine to devote a special issue chronicling the "51 Worst Offenders in WWE History." Along with naming the Superstar culprits, they also detail the offense that solidified their positions in the scandalous directory. WWE Magazine conducted a thorough investigation of each offender and included a copy of each official arrest affidavit detailing a retort to the magazine's accusation.

WWE Magazine's research team yielded some surprising Superstars for the list, too. Although many WWE fans remember The Rock as the People's Champ — the eyebrow raising, elbow dropping, quick-tongued former WWE Champion — there was an entirely other side that they may have forgotten about. When The Great One's mean streak emerged, he unleashed his frustrations and angst on the Superstars as well as the WWE fans. The outcome of his verbal tirades was severe enough to land him in the top ten.

Another surprise on the blacklist is RAW correspondent Jerry "The King" Lawler. He may be one half of the voice of Monday Night RAW, but before he slapped on the headset, he was slappin' Andy Kaufman on live TV. While this may be one of his most remembered rivalries, it wasn't egregious enough to land him on the list… so, the question remains, what was?

There are some obvious members of the catalog of infamous Superstars: "Macho Man" Randy Savage's betrayals of Superstars Hulk Hogan and "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan -- among a slew of others -- placed him in the index; Randy Orton's offenses extend well beyond his despicable words toward the Hogan family. Orton's Arrest Affidavit details a few other incidents that are worthy of landing the Legend Killer on numerous lists besides the "51 Worst Offenders" list… namely, hit lists.

WWE Champion Edge and Women's Champion Lita both found slots, as did Mr. McMahon and his son, Shane. The No. 13 offender, Edge, reveals why isn't just deserving of the label inside the ring, but outside of it as well. He recalls the worst prank he ever pulled on someone… and it's something so loathsome that every male may shudder while reading about it.

So, the big questions… who is the No. 1 worst offender in WWE history? That gets an answer for people who pick up a copy of the special issue from newsstands.

But WWE Magazine didn't stop with in-ring villains. They've also covered "Big-Screen Bullies," "Everyday Scoundrels" and "History's Most Hated."

It's apparent that Tom Wilson (aka Biff Tannen) should be remembered for his bully tactics on the McFly family in the "Back to the Future" trilogy, but before Tannen could hop in the plutonium-powered DeLorean and punch it to 88 mph en route to 1955, WWE Magazine was able to sit him down to talk about browbeating the squares, and the not-so-far out concept of a Kane-Biff tag team.

Cobra Kai's Johnny Lawrence (of "The Karate Kid" fame) earned a spot alongside some prestigious villainous company. Apparently his round house kicks to Daniel LaRusso's mug were enough for him to share the inglorious spotlight with the likes of Hannibal Lecter, Dr. Evil and -- perhaps the worst of all -- Bill Lumbergh of "Office Space."

They didn't leave out the everyday offender, either. The telemarketer, the personal injury lawyer and the repo man (not the black-masked WWE Superstar from early 1990s) fire retorts regarding their annoying professions. And finally, where would any magazine's "Most Hated" list be without Ben Affleck, Kevin Federline or the always dreadful Paris Hilton? Listen, Ben, don't think anyone has forgotten about the whole Bennifer fiasco… and luckily, the writers at WWE Magazine haven't either.

The special "51 Worst Offenders in WWE History" is available now and is impossible to miss: the cover features WWE Superstars in a police lineup (pre-cavity search).

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