New Zealand tour comes to an end

New Zealand tour comes to an end

On the last morning of SmackDown and ECW's New Zealand tour, Mr. Kennedy was awakened by music and voices that were loud even by his standards. A group of protesters from a local business, who decided to take advantage of WWE's popularity, formed a picket line outside of the Superstars' hotel. They were hoping that the media was covering WWE and would focus its attention on them.

"I tried to explain that there is no reason to be playing this s*** so loud at 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning," said Mr. Kennedy.

After he expressed his displeasure, Mr. Kennedy was approached by a protester who continued to chant in his face. Shortly afterward, he stormed off with his hands over his ears.

King Booker was also outside of the hotel. His presence was enough for one protester to cross the picket line for a royal autograph.

"I like to play golf every chance I get, no matter what country I'm in," King Booker said as a limo arrived to take him to Auckland City Golf Course. There, he was given the course's only available golf cart and was also followed by a group of loyal subjects who bowed to him as he made his way to the first tee.

"It's great to be in New Zealand, playing golf with such great people," he said when he finished playing.

SmackDown and ECW Superstars flew back to Los Angeles later in the afternoon.

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