Managing the "American Dream"

Just in time for summer, two hot new DVDs are now available from WWE Home Video.

Over the past few years, WWE Home Video has released several great career retrospective DVDs of legendary WWE Superstars, such as Superstar Billy Graham, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. The latest one, “The American Dream – The Dusty Rhodes Story,” is a 3-disc celebration of the storied career of Dusty Rhodes. From wrestling champion to commentator to manager, Dusty has done it all, and this is a must-have for anyone who grew up watching Dusty in Florida, the NWA, WWE and beyond. Not only do you get the complete story of Dusty’s career (featuring interviews with the American Dream himself and some of his contemporaries), but there’s also over two dozen classic matches from Dusty’s four decades inside the squared circle. From his early days teaming with Dick Murdoch in Florida and the AWA to his three World Championships to his final days in ECW, some of Big Dust’s biggest matches are on these three discs. “Obviously, the three matches in the Garden with Superstar Billy Graham are one of my biggest highlights,” Dusty told, “but to look back on all of the stuff from Florida and see some of my greatest interviews again, that’s really cool.”

To say the least, Dusty is understandably excited about the release of his home video. “It’s really a great gift to the fans,” he said, “because this body of work really belongs to them. I chased that American Dream, but they were the ones who got to see it, and now they get a chance to look back on it. I’m very proud of it, they (WWE Home Video) have done a tremendous job and I’m looking forward to the fans enjoying it.”

The DVD also features some footage that even Dusty never thought he’d see. “What Dustin (Dusty’s son, better known to WWE fans as Goldust) says…it’s real life, and it’s something that happened with me and him that crushed a family,” Dusty said. “To see him talk about it for the first time…just to see that amazing piece of footage meant a lot to me.”

What’s even cooler is that the outside of the package features some classic audio clips from the man who coined the term “clubberin” as an announcer in WCW. And hey, since Dusty is the patriarch of one of the most colorful families in sports entertainment, it makes a great Father’s Day gift.

The other hot new release celebrates “the guys (and girls) behind the guys,” if you will. “The World’s Greatest Wrestling Managers” is a look at some of the most influential managers and valets in sports-entertainment history. And it’s a complete history, spanning from legends such as Arnold Skaaland and The Grand Wizard to Jimmy Hart and Bobby Heenan to Divas like Miss Elizabeth and the red-hot Melina. It’s no surprise that several of the managers profiled are WWE Hall of Famers, as their influence on the history of sports-entertainment is indelible. In addition to profiles of several great managers, there’s also a ton of extras on this disc; you get to see Bobby Heenan in a Weasel Suit Match, Paul Heyman vs. Jim Cornette in a Tuxedo Match and one of my personal favorites, Fuji Vice. This one also makes a great Father’s Day gift and the reason why is simple: Sunny, Miss Elizabeth and Melina. If that doesn’t scream red hot, I don’t know what does.

I’ve seen both of these new releases of course, and I can say that as a life-long fan, these were everything I hoped they would be and more. You can get your copies at local retailers now, or you can also order them from WWE Shop. I can tell you to go get your copies, but if you won’t take it from me, take it from Big Dust himself.

“Without the fans, I couldn’t have put my kids through school and achieved all of my dreams. I think that this is more of a tribute to them than it is to me, because I’m just a fat plumber’s son from Austin, Texas who got funky like a monkey in public. I wined and dined with kings and queens, and I slept in gutters eating pork and beans. It’s a whole rollercoaster ride, and I hope everybody goes out and takes a look at it.”


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