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A recent article in Street & Smith's "Sports Business Journal" about WWE compared the company with other titans of the sports-entertainment business. "While the ‘on-field' comparisons between professional wrestling and sports properties are few and far between, what binds them is one simple goal: attracting and entertaining fans.  WWE events have long topped weekly cable ratings, pay-per-view bouts post enviable subscription numbers, and the DVD titles regularly top the charts in the sports category."    

According to the "Sports Business Journal" article, the WWE is never a company to rest on its laurels and is now making a strong push into digital media, the international market, even the film industry. Already a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (WWE), the corporation posted revenue of $400 million in 2006. With three TV shows, pay-per-view specials, live events, WWE 24/7 On Demand, merchandise, and a fantastic website to boot, the WWE brand continues to flourish and grow.

Recently, WWE has collaborated with major Hollywood players like Lionsgate and 20th Century Fox. "See No Evil," starring Superstar Kane, grossed $15 million at domestic box offices and "The Marine," starring John Cena explodes on to screens nationwide today.

The article adds one more difference that helps WWE to stand out from the pack, "Vince McMahon is the only chairman of a major sports and entertainment group that allows his employees to smack, berate and body slam him, all in the name of revenue growth."

For more, pick up a copy of "Sports Business Journal" on newsstands now.


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