Mysterio goes global

Mysterio goes global

Rey Mysterio will travel to India this week on a promotional tour for SmackDown. Rey is looking forward to the journey to the Far East, as he has with other tours he has done with WWE.

"I'm excited because this is my first time in India. Anytime WWE opens up to a new culture I'm excited, whether it's to promote or to wrestle," he said. "I heard people are really excited for me to be there, some can't even believe that I will be there. It's cool to know that people are expecting to see you."

WWE fans in India are one of the reasons Rey loves the tours, as the reception he receives eases some of the normal burdens of travel. Rey said, "The response from WWE fans takes away jet lag and helps the exhaustion with traveling, because their excitement gives you energy," he continued. "To see them at the airport waiting for me to touch down is incredible. That overwhelming response has happened a few times, when we went to South Africa and the Dominican Republic. When we went to New Zealand they had a special ritual to greet us, which was awesome."

While the former World Champion is excited to travel, when he returns to the United States he has the task of continuing the rehabilitation of his injured knee. Rey injured the knee last year, and as he readied to return to the ring a few weeks ago, he was assaulted by WWE Intercontinental Champion Umaga at the behest of Mr. McMahon. Despite that attack, Rey continues to push forward.

Mysterio updated his progress to this point, saying, "my rehab is doing ok, my motion is good. There is still a lot of throbbing and pain, but that could be because the ligament is tight right now, but I'm feeling good," Rey continued. "I wish I could say it was time for me to come back, but I cant just yet. My therapy is consistent though, so I hope I'll be good to go within time, and I hope when I come back, I come back much better."

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